Types of Development

Physical Development

  1. This development is associated with development in one’s physical aspects such as height and weight. 
  2. It is associated with quantitative changes that occur in the body. Mostly physical development takes place in cephalocaudal sequences, where development takes place form head to body.

Personal Development

  1. All individuals are different and have their different ways of development. Under personal development, we explore how individual personality changes.

Cognitive Development

  1. The ability to think, reason and analyse is known as cognition and development of these abilities is known as cognitive development.

Social Development 

  1. Family, school and community constitute the social context of children. Children have a specific role to play in these institutions. These institutions also influence child development. 
  2. How children develop the social aspect of their personality is the core of social development. Emotional development can also be understood as social development, as it develops with reference to social life. 

Moral Development 

  1. We face many conflicts in everyday life and move ahead after resolving them. But, how do we resolve these conflicts? 
  2. How do we justify our actions and decisions? 
  3. How far are our decisions moral or immoral? 

Resolving these conflicts are studied under moral development.

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