Application of human genome project

Application of human genome project

1. Disorders:

More than 1200 genes are responsible for common human cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases (like diabetes), neurological disorders (like Alzheimers disease), cancers and many more.

2. Cancers:

Efforts are in progress to determine genes that will change cancerous cells to normal.

3. Health Care:

It will indicate prospects for a healthier living, designer drugs, genetically modified diets and finally our genetic identity.

4. Interactions:

It will be possible to study how various genes and proteins work together in an interconnected network.

5. Study of Tissues.

All the genes or transcripts in a particular tissue, organ or tumour can be analysed to know the cause of effect produced in it.

6. Non-human Organisms:

Information about natural capabilities of nonhuman organisms can be used in meeting challenges in health care, agriculture, energy production and environmental remediation. For this a number of model organisms have been sequenced, e.g., bacteria, yeast Coenorhabditis elegans (free living non-pathogenic nematode), Droso- phila (fruitfully), Rice, Arabidopsis etc.

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