Isha is 10 years old girl. On the result day, Isha and her father Suresh were very happy as she got first position in the class. While coming back to their home, Isha asked for a treat from her father as a reward for her success. They went to a juice shop and asked for two glasses of juice.
Aisha, a juice seller, was serving juice to her customers in two types of glasses. Both the glasses had inner radius 3cm. The height of both the glasses was 10cm.

Give answer the following questions based on above conditions :
(i) What is the capacity of first glass?
(a) 72π cm2
(b) 72π cm3
(c) 85π cm2
(d) 85π cm3

(ii) What is the capacity of second glass?
(a) 85.5 π cm3
(b) 85 π cm3
(c) 85 π cm3
(d) 85 π cm3

(iii) Find the ratio of the capacity of both types of glass.
(a) 16 : 19 (b) 17 : 19 (c) 15 : 19 (d) 18 : 19

(iv) Isha insisted to have the juice is first type of glass and her father decided to have the juice in second type of glass. Out of the two, Isha or her father Suresh, who got more quantities of juice to drink and by how much?
(a) Isha; 72 π cm3
(b) Suresh; 85.5 π cm3
(c) Suresh; 72 π cm3
(d) Suresh; 13.5 π cm3

(v) How much quantity of juice is purchased by Suresh from a juice seller?
(a) 157.5 π cm3
(b) 1575 π cm3
(c) 157.5 π cm3
(d) none of these

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