Chapter 2156-2157


At that moment, Predator transformed into a terrifying bladestorm with his giant sword. Wherever the storm swept, man or object would be torn to shreds without mercy.

The two warring parties, previously locked in fierce combat, were scattered and forced to stop fighting in the face of the relentless onslaught.

This indiscriminate attack showed no mercy, sparing neither friend nor foe. Anyone caught in its path was doomed to certain death, a fate everyone desperately avoided.

With each passing moment, the bladestorm intensified, growing larger and swirling faster as it approached Dustin.

“Hmm?” Dustin’s eyebrow arched in surprise.

Predator’s move unleashed devastation that surpassed Dustin’s cultivation. If used on the battlefield, it would be a deadly weapon capable of wreaking havoc.

Even in one-on-one combat among the grandmasters, only a few could withstand such an attack. Dustin couldn’t help but admit that Predator. was indeed skilled.

“Cross Slash!” Dustin immediately raised his hand and countered the howling bladestorm with two strikes.

Two white sword auras shot out simultaneously, converging to form a cross-shaped attack aimed at the bladestorm.

With a deafening explosion, energy surged, and sword aura scattered. Upon impact, Dustin’s cross-shaped sword aura exploded into a shower of sparks.

At that moment, powerful shock waves radiated outward in all directions, resembling a tidal wave. Darkness enveloped the sky as sand and stones were sent flying.

The martial artists and the black-clad assassins were forced to retreat as neither side dared to draw near.

Soon after, the storm gradually subsided, leaving the area within a 100- foot radius in ruins. The once solid rocky ground had been transformed into a funnel-shaped crater.

At that moment, Dustin stood stoically at the edge of the pit. His pristine white clothes were dust-free, and he radiated a suave charm like a dashing gentleman.

In contrast, Predator stood raggedly within the pit and panted heavily. The giant sword in his hands remained defensive in front of him. It trembled slightly from the residual energy from the earlier encounter.

Unexpectedly, a cross-shaped bloodstain marred Predator’s chest. The wound was deep, nearly exposing bone, with blood flowing from it. Predator had been defeated, and his injuries were severe after the last clash.

“What? How is this possible?” The man in black’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Predator wasn’t just the leader of The Fangs. He was one of the top assassins in the organization and ranked among the top five in terms of strength.

The man in black had anticipated that Predator’s deadly bladestorm move would kill Dustin. However, Dustin’s ”Cross Slash” technique shattered the bladestorm and inflicted severe wounds on Predator.

Despite this outcome, the man in black couldn’t comprehend how someone in their 20s like Dustin could possess such incredible strength. Even the toughest beasts on the Legendary List paled in comparison to Dustin.

At that moment, shock spread beyond the man in black to the other assassins. They all wore expressions of utter disbelief. They never imagined their undefeated leader would lose so miserably.

“Haha! Well done!” Miles exclaimed, breaking the brief silence with an unusually enthusiastic expression.

These formidable black-clad assassins proved to be tough opponents. Despite outnumbering them, Miles knew they were at a disadvantage in the battle.

Fortunately, Dustin’s remarkable skills prevailed and led to the defeat of the assassins’ leader. This victory boosted the morale of the martial artists.

“As expected of Dustin, he has never let us down.” Dalen sighed in relief.

“I have to admit, this kid has some serious skills.” Ruby nodded approvingly. Her initial disdain for Dustin had gradually turned into admiration.

“Hold on! Did any of you notice something off about the assassins’ leader?” Crystal’s expression turned serious as if she’d caught onto something important.

“Off? What do you mean?” Ruby seemed puzzled.

“With that deep wound across his chest, it’s obvious something is off. That guy’s practically hanging on by a thread now.” Miles shrugged it off.

“No.” Dalen’s eyes narrowed as he observed keenly.

“Crystal is right. He’s behaving strangely. Instead of weakening after receiving such heavy injuries, his energy keeps getting stronger.”

Typically, one’s energy would diminish significantly after enduring severe injuries. However, Predator was defying the norm. His energy didn’t weaken but appeared to

intensify, suggesting he was on the brink of unleashing something explosive.

Suddenly, Predator burst into laughter.

His voice deepened as it grew wild and raucous. “Kid, I’ll give you credit where it’s due. You’re strong, stronger than anyone I’ve ever faced. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t stand a chance against you.”

As he spoke, he ran his fingers through his disheveled golden curls. Slowly, he smoothed them back into a slicked- back style, revealing a mixed-race face.

With ruggedly handsome features, he exuded a hint of devilish charm in his demeanor.

He continued, “Now, consider yourself lucky to witness my other form. As a sign of respect, I’ll drop the pretense and unleash my full power for a no- holds-barred showdown with you!”

Predator grinned wickedly as his eyes underwent a sinister transformation.

His original blue irises quickly turned into yellow beast_like eyes that looked ferocious and bloodthirsty.

Upon witnessing this scene, the martial artists from Dragonmarsh remained unfazed. However, the black assassins began to retreat from the battleground as if facing a formidable enemy.

While outsiders might be unaware, the assassins knew too well that their leader would soon reveal an exceedingly terrifying side. In the aftermath, the battleground would descend into chaos, and many lives would be lost.

“What’s going on? Why are those assassins running away?”

“Are they scared? Maybe they know they’re outmatched, so they’re trying to make a run for it?”

“This doesn’t feel right. Something seems off.”

As the assassins fled the scene, the martial artists exchanged puzzled glances, uncertain of what was happening.

However, at that moment, something shocking happened.


Suddenly, Predator let out a thunderous roar that echoed throughout the entire battleground. But what was truly unsettling was that it sounded more like a beast’s growl than a human.

Then, a shocking scene unfolded before everyone’s eyes. Predator’s body began to bulk up. His muscles bulged and tore through his ragged clothes and shoes.

With another deafening roar, he propped his limbs on the ground and arched his back high. Thick, coarse black fur sprouted from his skin and soon covered his entire body.

At first glance, Predator resembled a giant black bear but there was more to his transformation.

As the black fur continued to grow, his facial features underwent a drastic change. The area below his eyes rapidly protruded while his teeth sharpened into pointed fangs. His hands and feet morphed into claw-like appendages that completed his terrifying transformation.

When Predator roared for the third time, he had fully transformed into a ferocious beast.

This beast defied classification as either a bear or a wolf.

Its appearance was grotesque yet menacing, radiating an air of utter destruction. Just one glimpse sent shivers down the spines of all who beheld it.

“What… What in the world is this thing?

“Holy cow! How did a perfectly normal person suddenly turn into a beast?”

“I get it! This guy isn’t from Dragonmarsh. He’s one of those genetically enhanced soldiers from Streuqua!”

“But aren’t those genetically enhanced soldiers just boosting physical traits? How the heck did he transform into a fucking beast? This guy’s definitely some kind of freak!”

Predator’s transformation left the martial artists dumbfounded and trembling with fear. They never imagined that a seemingly ordinary person could morph into a massive beast. Everyone present found the transformation terrifying.

“Damn it! Forget if he’s human or beast. Let’s team up and bring him down!” a martial artist shouted as he brandished his sword. But his rallying cry fell on deaf ears.

After all, Predator was already formidable in his human form. Who knew how much more terrifying he could become in beast mode?

Though no one rallied behind him, the martial artist’s shout caught the attention of the beastly Predator.

With another roar, Predator launched itself forward with a powerful push of its limbs, scattering rocks and crumbling the ground beneath its weight.

Moving like a blur, it streaked past the martial artist at such incredible speed that the surrounding onlookers couldn’t even register his movement.

When Predator finally came to a stop, a bloody human head was already tightly grasped in its sharp claws. It was the head of the martial artist who had shouted earlier.

After a brief pause, the headless body slumped to the ground and stirred up a cloud of dust. The beastly Predator lifted the martial artist’s head high before opening its jaws wide and swallowing it whole.

The gruesome scene left everyone frozen in shock.

Predator moved so quickly that they. couldn’t even track his movements. But what truly chilled them to the bone was watching him feast on human flesh. The sight of such bloody brutality left them traumatized.

At that moment, the martial artists finally realized why the assassins had suddenly backed off earlier.

It wasn’t because the assassins couldn’t handle them but because they were terrified. They were scared to face the beastly Predator and feared being mercilessly slaughtered by him.

Suddenly, someone yelled, “Run… Run for your lives!”

The once quiet scene descended into chaos.

Without a moment’s hesitation, countless martial artists scattered and fled for safety. They were known for their fearlessness and were always prepared to confront enemies head-on.

But now, their opponent was a daunting and terrifying beast. Facing this creature, they felt as small and helpless as ants.

The martial artists understood that fighting back seemed futile. Any delay in escaping could mean becoming prey. It was a threat to their lives, and the fear was almost unbearable to endure.

As the crowd scattered in panic, the beastly Predator launched another attack. With a powerful leap, it shot forward like a blur.

In a flash, a blurry figure streaked past. With one quick swipe, Predator’s claws ripped through a martial artist running behind the group. Soon after, a gruesome mess of blood and guts was left behind.

Predator’s strike was swift and precise. His strength had multiplied tenfold since he transformed. Once just a late_stage grandmaster, now he possessed the power of an ultimate grandmaster.

As a result, even a martial artist at the grandmaster level had no hope of survival when facing such a fearsome beast.

Dustin’s expression darkened as Predator claimed two more victims. ” Damned beast! Stop your rampage!” he shouted.

After drawing Predator’s attention toward him, he lunged forward with his sword. Predator roared, baring his sharp fangs, and swiftly lunged forward. His claws swiped aggressively toward Dustin’s chest in an attempt to maul him.

But Dustin didn’t dodge. Instead, he raised his sword and countered Predator’s attack as he aimed at his claws.

The clash of metal echoed as Predator was forcefully knocked back several yards. His claws dug into the ground, leaving deep marks as he struggled to regain his footing.

Dustin’s body trembled slightly, yet he effortlessly absorbed the impact. Glancing down at his sword, he frowned at the several nicks on the blade.

Typically, his mystical pure energy would make even an ordinary sword in his hands as effective as a divine weapon. However, the earlier clash had visibly damaged the blade, showcasing the razor-sharpness of Predator’s claws.

Dustin couldn’t believe that the beastly Predator could breach his defenses. He knew that achieving such a feat required an ultimate-grandmaster- level skill.

He was surprised by Predator’s leap of three tiers in a single transformation. From a late-stage grandmaster, he became an ultimate grandmaster. Dustin found it truly mind-boggling. It was the true definition of a beast.

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