Difference in between Colostrum and Breastmilk

Difference in between Colostrum and Breastmilk

Colostrum and Breastmilk
Colostrum is often referred to as ‘first milk’, and is produced by all mammals. It is thick and yellow in colour, typically available in the days immediately after birth. Colostrum is higher in both fat and protein than regular milk. It is a concentrated substance, with important nutrients and antibodies that the newborns need for protection. Colostrum is essential in strengthening both the immune and digestive systems of the baby. It is the first immune system defense they receive after birth. Breastmilk is also produced by all mammals, but after colostrum production has stopped. Unlike colostrum, milk can be produced for months or years after birth. It is thinner and whiter than colostrum but is also rich in macro and micronutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, and vitamins B2​ and B12​.

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