Will Tubectomy Stop Normal Monthly Cycle of Menstruation?

Will Tubectomy Stop Normal Monthly Cycle of Menstruation?
Tubectomy or tubal ligation is the process of cutting and removing and/or tying a part of the fallopian tube. This is usually an irreversible contraceptive method and hence correctly called the female sterilization. Since the fallopian tube is cut, eggs are not transported and hence there are no chances of conception. However, does that mean that a woman will not get her menstruation? No, that is not the case. This is because the uterus prepares itself for implantation of the fertilised egg simultaneously while the egg undergoes maturation in the ovary. The maturation is under the influence of the hormones. The endometrial lining of the uterus is anyways fully loaded with blood vessels to nourish the embryo if implantation happens. In the event of fertilisation not happening, the lining will shed leading to menstruation.

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