Chapter 213 – 214

Chapter 213

Despite running such a huge family business, Roderick didn’t even have an heir now. It was truly a tragedy.

“Mr. Brooks, don’t take it too hard. Although the knife injury damaged your fertility, it can actually be treated. Once you’re recovered, you can have another son, or even ten! It won’t be a problem.” Dustin smiled as he attempted to cheer Roderick up.

“Really?” Roderick trembled, his face expectant.

In the past six months, the main reason he hadn’t slept with his wife was because he couldn’t get it up.

However, because of his dignity as a man, he’d always kept it a secret.

So, to hear that he’d be able to rise up again, naturally, he was elated.

“Mr. Brooks, if I dare to say it, it means I can do it.” As Dustin spoke, he took out a tablet and said, “This is Gemiphen, which I created. It helps clear up circulatory pathways and heal internal injuries. Give it a try.”

“Okay!” Without another word, Roderick took the Gemiphen and swallowed it.

As soon as the tablet entered his system, it turned into a rush of warmth that spread through his body..

Instantly, he felt his mood lift, and his body felt better in a way he couldn’t explain.

The pain in his lower back had also improved significantly.

“Amazing This is amazing! Mr. Rhys, your miracle tablet is extraordinary!” After experiencing the fascinating changes in his body, Roderick was practically over the moon.

In an instant, he felt as if he’d gotten a brand–new body.

If he previously had doubts about Dustin’s abilities, then now, he was utterly convinced!

Any famous doctor was trash in comparison to Dustin!

“Mr. Rhys, take the Gemiphen once every three days. After a month, your body will completely recover.”

Dustin took out a small glass bottle filled with Gemiphen and handed it to Roderick.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Rhys! I’ll remember your great kindness for the rest of my life!” Feeling emotional, Roderick knelt on the ground.

“Mr. Brooks, please get up It was nothing.” Dustin quickly helped him to his feet.

Since this all happened because of him, now that he was able to cure Roderick’s illness, there was at least a good ending.

“Mr. Rhys, you’re too humble. If it weren’t for your help, my life would have been over!” Roderick said, his face glowing with gratitude.

A man who couldn’t get it up wasn’t a real man.

Now that Dustin had given him the chance to regain his dignity as a man, It was as though he’d been given a new lease on life!

“Mr. Brooks, now that Dustin has cured your illness, how do you plan to repay him?” Natasha said, half joking.

As his other half, she knew that it was time to ask for remuneration.

“Name whatever you need, Mr. Rhys. If I can do it, I won’t say no!” Roderick said, placing his hand on his chest to show how genuine he was.

“I don’t need anything else. All I’m interested in are precious herbs such as heliotropes, cherusia, and flowers of Crimson Gem. If you have them, Mr. Brooks, I would be nothing but pleased,” Dustin said, naming his price.

“I’ve never collected precious herbs before, but no worries. I’ll send someone to check it out. Once I get any news. I’ll buy it for you right away, Mr. Rhys!” Roderick promised.

“Thank you, Mr. Brooks,” Dustin said.

“No, no. I should be the one thanking you, Mr. Rhys,” Roderick said in return.

He now had a profound sense of worship for Dustin’s impressive abilities.

“Sir… At that moment, an elderly butler suddenly walked over and reported, “Phineas Lacey and his son are here to see you. They say they have something to discuss with you.”

“Phineas Lacey? What is he doing here?” Roderick rubbed his chin.

“It’s such a small world. I never expected I’d run into them here.” Dustin narrowed his eyes when he heard their names.

“What, do you know these people, Mr. Rhys?” Roderick pressed.

“I do, and we even got into a conflict. Without leaving anything out, Dustin quickly recounted the entire story.

After Roderick listened to the whole incident, he couldn’t help but snort. “Those two bastards are truly arrogant bullies. I hate people like this the most! Come with me to see them, Mr. Rhys. Today, I’ll give them something to see!”

Chapter 214

At that moment, Phineas and Matt were in the Brooks Manor living room.

“Dad, do you think Big Bucks Brooks will lend us money?” Mall glanced around, looking worried.

“Big Bucks Brooks is filthy rich and generous to boot. He’s always had a good relationship with our family. It shouldn’t be a problem to borrow some money,” Phineas said, raising his cup and taking a sip. It was obvious that he was very confident.

Although the Lacey family hadn’t been restored to its previous glory, they were still above the average person.

Outside, they still had some status.

“If it weren’t for our family’s capital chain rupture causing our businesses to suffer majorly, we would never have to borrow money from others,” Matt said, sighing.

Not long ago, they’d suddenly received terrible news.

Many of their big–shot partners had retracted their investments. All the business deals they’d made previously had gone bust.

Their entire family suffered serious damage overnight.

Now, they desperately needed a capital injection, or else the Lacey family would gobankrupt in less than a month.

At this point, the only one who could help them was Big Bucks Brooks.

“Speaking of that, it’s really strange how all of the investments were retracted collectively, and disaster struck from all sides. I bet somebody’s targeting our family,” Phineas rubbed his chin in thought.

“Who’s gutsy enough to go mess with our family?” Matt slammed his palm into the table.

Their original plan was to get the Immortunol formula in their hands and then use the investment funds to conduct their own research.

This way, the Lacey family would be restored to their former glory!

However, after everything that had happened, their plan was ruined.

“We still haven’t been able to look into it yet. Once we raise the funds we need and get through these tough times, we’ll drag that bastard out!” An evil glint flashed through Phineas‘ eyes.

“Dad, how much money does our family need to operate normally?” Matt asked uncertainly.

“At least three billion dollars!” Phineas put up three fingers.

“That much?” Matt’s expression drooped. “Would Big Bucks Brooks agree to loan us three billion in one go?”

“Big Bucks Brooks controls one–third of all the cash flow in Millsburg. What’re three billion dollars to him?” Phineas took a sip of tea and said casually, “Not to mention, I even came here personally. Would he dare to say no? He should be happy that our family is cozying up to him on our own accord instead.”

“That’s true.” Hearing those words, Matt let out a sigh of relief.

The Laney family did have prestige out there; Big Bucks Brooks had to give them some respect.

As the two were speaking, the door suddenly opened, and a few people entered.

The one in the lead was none other than Roderick.

The moment they met. Phineas stood up and extended a hand, his face full of smiles. “Hey, Mr. Brooks!

Long time no see. You’ve gotten much more handsome!”

However, when he saw Dustin behind Roderick, his smile froze on his face. “Punk, what are you doing here?!”

“You’re here, so why can’t I be here too?” Dustin retorted indifferently.

“Hmph! And who are you? Can you even be compared to us?” Phineas” expression turned cold instantly.

“Dustin, are you here to also get a loan from Mr. Brooks?” Matt said with a suspicious look.

“Why I’m here doesn’t concern you.” Dustin’s expression remained unchanged.

“Mr. Brooks, we’ve always been friendly with each other. Don’t lend that punk any money! We have bad blood!” Phineas said, calling a spade a spade.

In his eyes. Roderick would never go against the Laney family for a small fry.

So, he definitely won today.

“Phineas, are you sure that you have bad blood with Mr. Rhys?” Roderick smirked coolly.

“Of course!” Phineas puffed out his chest. “Mr. Brooks, to be frank, the two grudges I have with him can never be solved, so please don’t try to lobby for him!”

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