Chapter 215- 216

The Immortunol formula would definitely be his soon.

“You’re mistaken. I don’t mean it that way.” Roderick uttered calmly.

“Huh?” Phineas was puzzled. “What do you mean, then?”

“Both of you are here to borrow my money, aren’t you?” Roderick asked back instead of answering.

Phineas let out a sheepish laugh. “Our family ran into some trouble recently, and we need some money to turn things around. That’s why we’ve come to you, Mr. Brooks.”

“How much do you need?”

“About three billion dollars?”

“Three billion!” Roderick raised an eyebrow. “Sorry, but no can do.”

“What?” Phineas shock quickly turned to dismay. “Mr. Brooks, three billion is nothing to you. Why can’t you lend us the money?”

“Technically, I’ve already lent the money to Mr. Rhys, so you’ll have to beg him for the money.” Roderick replied with a sarcastic smile.

“What? You lent it to him?” The father–son duo was stunned, unable to believe their ears.

There was no way Roderick would have lent that useless punk three billion dollars!

“You’re not pulling our leg, are you, Mr. Brooks?” Phineas asked again, eyes wide.

“Yeah! What are we supposed to do if you give the money to him?” Matt was dismayed.

“That’s none of my business!” Roderick responded frankly.

“Mr. Brooks, how could you lend your money to him instead of us? Considering our friendship, you’re carrying it too far. Do you think that brat is better than the Laney family?”

The Laney family was a noble family that was leagues above Dustin in terms of wealth and connections. Any normal person would know who to side with.

“Firstly, we’re not friends. Secondly, it’s my money. I decide who it goes to. I don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion. Lastly, who the fuck do you think you are? How dare you compare yourselves to Mr. Rhys! You should really look in a fucking mirror!” Roderick snapped scornfully.

“Mr. Brooks! Are you going to make the Laney family your enemy just because of that brat?” Phineas growled.

“Exactly! You should think this through carefully. Is the Laney family more important or that brat?” Matt quipped. They were sure that a businessman like Roderick would never turn his back on the Laney family.

“So what if we become enemies? A penniless family like yours is trying to threaten me? Ha! You must have a death wish!” Roderick curled his lip.

“I can cut off all your funds right now. I’ll make sure you never get a penny in this province!”

His words hit the lather–son duo like a bucket of ice. They’d been so agitated that they forgot that Bucks Brooks they were talking to, whose influence and wealth exceeded the Laney family a gazillion times.

Even when they had been at full power, they still had to lower their heads in front of Roderick, let alone now.

Nonetheless, they could never have dreamed that someone as powerful as Roderick would butt heads with their family for someone like Dustin.

Did Dustin have connections they weren’t aware of?

Chapter 216

“Mr. Brooks, why on earth are you willing to go against our family for him?” Phineas demanded with a threatening glare. He had approached Roderick confidently but never expected this outcome.

“To tell you the truth, Mr. Rhys is my savior and honored guest. If you have a problem with him, that means you have a problem with me! So, you either beg for his forgiveness, or your family is over!” Roderick declared: the aura he exuded was overwhelming.

“You want us to apologize to that asshole? In your dreams!” Matt yelled angrily.

“Then, get lost! I wonder how long your family can last.” Roderick kicked them out.

“Roderick Brooks, life has its ups and downs, so don’t look down on a broke man! You’ll regret it one day!” Matt forced through gritted teeth and stormed away.

“Mr. Brooks, you’ve incurred the wrath of the Laney family. I doubt my family can’t borrow merely three billion dollars elsewhere!” Phineas glared at Roderick before following his son.

“Arrogant fools!” Roderick sneered.

No one in the province would dare lend the Laney family money since Roderick already rejected them.

Matt and Phineas returned home displeased with the outcome.

“What’s wrong with Roderick Brooks today? He refused to help us because of that brat!” Matt seethed.

“It seems like that kid has some connections.” Phineas frowned.

“As if! He’s just a pretty boy who got lucky because of Natasha! I bet Roderick only went against us because of Natasha’s support too.” Matt was displeased.

“The Harmon family sure is bothersome. I have a feeling that our financial issues have something to do with them.” Phineas pondered.

“What do we do now, Dad? Should we fight to the death?”

“No. We aren’t at the end of our rope yet. Let me make some calls. Phineas pulled out his phone and began asking for help. The Laney family still had some friends and partners, so they’d definitely pull through as long as he managed to raise the funds.

“Hey. Mr. Smith, it’s me. I’m kind of short on cash, so do you think you could help me out? I’ll pay you back with interest after the turnover.”

“Hi, Mr. Thompson. This is Phineas Lancy. I’m calling to ask for a lavor.”

“Hey, Mr. Johnson. I need your help.”

Phineas made call after call to any of his friends who were well off. However, his face darkened with each call he made.

As soon as they heard that he was trying to borrow money, these people who claimed to be his friends.

Immediately changed their attitudes and came up with all sorts of excuses to refuse, and some even hung up without responding.

Phineas finally knew what fair–weather friends were like. After all the calls, he still couldn’t get any money. Instead, he stirred up more trouble.

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