Chapter 2160-2161


“So, you know the Behemoth Punch? Well, so do I!” Dustin snorted coldly.

He didn’t draw his sword but raised his fist instead. He gathered his mystical pure energy and punched the gilded tiger in the air.

With a deafening roar, a large ivory tiger emerged from Dustin’s body and ferociously charged at the gilded tiger.

Both tigers were of similar size and equally intimidating.

As they collided, a resounding boom shook the earth and flooded the surroundings with energy.

The white and golden light erupted simultaneously and covered half the sky each. Powerful hurricanes radiated outward from the point of impact and demolished everything in their path.

When the dust settled, everyone looked on in astonishment.

Dustin and Acheron stood unscathed despite the clash and couldn’t gain the upper hand over the other.

“No way! Dustin can actually go toe-to- toe with Acheron?”

Miles’s eyes widened, disbelief written all over his face.

Acheron was one of the eight elders of the Celestial Alliance. He ranked higher than Quincy and just below the guildmaster, Alloy. Rumor had it that Acheron was a fully developed grandmaster.

Hence, Miles found it hard to believe that Dustin could survive when facing someone as powerful as Acheron.

“It seems like we’ve been underestimating Dustin’s abilities,” Dalen remarked, his eyes narrowing in thought.

“Wait, if Dustin can stand his ground against Acheron, does that mean he’s as skilled as our mentor?” Ruby was taken aback.

She had always known Dustin was strong but hadn’t realized he was this capable. It made her realize that it was hard to understand someone’s abilities without a point of comparison.

“It’s odd. Considering Mr. Rhys’s abilities, he should have been on the Legendary List. Why isn’t his name there?”

Crystal murmured to herself.

She wondered if Dustin was downplaying his skills or if the Zenith Society had overlooked something. important.

“Kid, how do you know the Behemoth Punch? Who the hell are you?” Acheron’s expression darkened, and his eyes filled with hostility. For the first time, he felt a hint of danger from someone so young.

With such immense power in just his 20s, Acheron couldn’t help but wonder how much stronger Dustin could become.

If they hadn’t already clashed, he could have tried to befriend Dustin. But now that battle lines were drawn, reconciliation seemed impossible.

Faced with the potential threat Dustin posed, Acheron knew he had to take action to deal with it before it escalated further.

“I’m just a nobody, naturally not on your radar,” Dustin said calmly.

“Listen, kid. This is your last chance. If you back off now, I can pretend nothing happened. I’ll even let bygones be bygones. What do you say?” Acheron narrowed his eyes.

“Who’s stepping on whose toes here? It seems like you’re a bit confused. And let’s not forget, this beast isn’t something you can control. Keeping it around will only lead to trouble for everyone,” Dustin said impassively.

Acheron was just a fully developed grandmaster, while the Predator, once unleashed, had the strength of an early stage ultimate grandmaster.

Once the Predator regained its strength, Acheron wouldn’t be able to control it. At that point, there would undoubtedly be bloodshed.

“Kid, don’t you have an ounce of shame?” Acheron’s eyes filled with malice.

“Elder Wood, enough. Don’t dig your own grave,” Dustin said impatiently.

“Fine! Since you’re so ignorant, I’ll oblige!” Acheron fumed and stopped talking.

In one swift motion, he brought his hands together before slowly pulling them apart. A golden light began to swirl in his palms, gradually taking shape.


In an instant, a golden broadsword materialized out of thin air.

Everyone was stunned by Acheron’s unusual technique. Without a word, Dustin effortlessly retrieved the sword lodged in the ground with a swift motion of his hand.

“Kid! You’re going to regret your choices!” Acheron growled and raised the sword above his head.

With a sudden burst of speed, he lunged forward like a cannonball and swung the sword fiercely toward Dustin’s chest.

Suddenly, Acheron’s sword expanded to an impressive 30 feet in length, resembling a colossal blade of judgment.

With incredible force, it hurtled toward Dustin.

Dustin didn’t dodge and stood his ground as he raised his sword to block the attack. The clash of blades sent sparks flying and unleashed a powerful explosion of energy.

Despite the force of the impact causing the ground beneath him to collapse and crumble into a pit, Dustin remained unfazed and stood firm throughout the ordeal.

“How long do you think you can keep this up?”

Acheron gripped the sword with both hands as he exerted pressure against Dustin’s sword. He sought to use his superior cultivation to overpower Dustin and crush his defense.

“Elder Wood! Show some mercy!”

Suddenly, a shout rang out from a distance.

Acheron abruptly turned and saw Quincy leading a group of people marching toward them. Among them were some elite martial artists from the Sacred Wrym Summit.

“Great! The people from Sacred Wrym Summit have finally arrived!” Miles exclaimed with relief.

“Once Sacred Wrym Summit steps in to uphold justice, that old geezer won’t be so arrogant anymore,” Ruby said indignantly.

“Something’s not right. Acheron doesn’t seem like he’s backing down,” Dalen said, frowning.

“Is he planning to strike before the Sacred Wrym Summit people intervene? “Crystal quickly realized the severity of the situation.

With Acheron’s domineering personality, such a move wouldn’t be out of character.

“Go to hell!”

At that moment, Acheron’s eyes burned with ferocity as his grandmaster’s internal energy surged like a tidal wave, flowing relentlessly into his golden sword.

His sword began to tremble, and its surface glowed brilliantly. Powerful forces hammered relentlessly against Dustin’s sword like a catastrophic onslaught.

Crystal’s guess was right. Acheron had resolved to kill. He was fully committed to killing Dustin before Quincy’s group arrived.

To achieve this, he exerted all his internal energy, forgoing defense and launching a relentless attack.

“Heh!” Dustin smirked coldly as he faced the ferocious Acheron. Instead of confronting him head-on, he swiftly sidestepped to avoid the attack.

Acheron’s blade crashed into the ground with tremendous force, carving out a deep gash in the earth.


Suddenly, a massive shadow lunged forward, knocking Acheron to the ground and pinning him down with terrifying strength.

Surprisingly, the beastly Predator had kept Acheron subdued and prevented him from getting back up.

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