Chapter 2162-2163


Acheron was caught off guard by the beastly Predator’s sudden attack. Before he could react,  he was already thrown to the ground.

After transforming, Predator wielded immense strength.

He pressed Acheron down with claws resembling darksteel.

Despite his efforts, Acheron couldn’t break free. He had to resort to using his golden broadsword to defend against the beast’s claws.

The beastly Predator continued to roar and snarl viciously.

Its bloodied jaws dripped a thick green liquid with a foul odor.

As the liquid dripped onto Acheron’s face, it sizzled and caused his skin to corrode. “Argh!” He gritted his teeth and cried out in agony.

Yet, Acheron couldn’t believe how fast the beastly Predator had recovered after being impaled in the chest earlier. It astounded him that the beast’s wound had fully healed within minutes.

Still, he couldn’t understand why the beast targeted him.

“Get off me, you damn beast!” he shouted as his hands pushed against the blade with all his might. He tried to shove the beast away, but it was futile.

Following its transformation, Predator had reached an early-stage ultimate grandmaster level and possessed extraordinary strength. In a direct confrontation, Acheron would be outmatched.

The beastly Predator let out a thunderous roar. Its claws pressed down on the golden broadsword as its head edged closer to Acheron’s face.

Its menacing teeth loomed nearer, and with a flick of its barbed tongue, it ripped a chunk of flesh from Acheron’s cheek.

It was a sight that sent shivers through the onlookers.

“I can’t believe that beast ended up saving Dustin,” Miles remarked, astonished by the unexpected turn of events.

Dalen narrowed his eyes. “Looks like Acheron’s really struggling to keep his ground.”

Ruby chimed in with a hint of satisfaction, “Well, he’s always been the bully. Guess it’s catching up to him now.”

“What a slick move by Mr. Rhys, leading trouble straight to Acheron’s doorstep,” Crystal said as she observed quietly.

There was a touch of admiration in her voice.

While others might have missed it, she could tell that Predator’s initial target was Dustin. But he had anticipated the ambush, dodging just in time as the beast lunged toward Acheron.

With both of them now locked in combat, Dustin could easily kill them if he wanted to.

Acheron’s fury erupted as he shouted, ” Punk! How dare you use this beast against me? Get it off me now!”

At that moment, the beastly Predator pinned him down.

He couldn’t move, no matter how hard he struggled. With each passing moment, he dreaded becoming the beast’s next meal.

“Elder Wood, don’t try to blame this on me. Your own actions have caught up with you, and this beast is just the universe balancing things out,” Dustin said, standing nearby with a look of amusement.

“Cut the crap! Deal with this beast now, and I’ll pretend nothing has happened tonight!” Acheron spat out angrily.

Dustin was unfazed by his anger. ” You’re strong, so why should I bother? Handle it yourself.”

Dealing with someone like Acheron, always thirsting for vengeance, required a swift hand. Naturally, Dustin didn’t want to get his hands dirty, so he decided to exploit the situation.

With a deafening roar, the beastly Predator’s jaws inched closer to Acheron’s face.

Acheron’s strength faded, and he knew he could no longer aid Quincy. He accepted the inevitable outcome of his fate. Faced with imminent death, the once-arrogant Acheron finally relented.

“Dustin, I… I apologize for what I said earlier. Please, kill this beast, and I’ll reward you generously!” His tone shifted from authoritative to desperate.

“Are you serious about this?” Dustin arched an eyebrow.

“Yes, I am!” Acheron’s face lit up, and he thought Dustin would agree.

So, he hurriedly continued, “Dustin, I’m an elder of the Celestial Alliance, with power, influence, and status. If you save my life, I’ll fulfill your request.

“Words alone won’t cut it. You need to swear on it,” Dustin said calmly.

“Okay, okay… I swear, I’ll keep my word. If I don’t follow through, I’ll be damned… Is that good enough?” Acheron’s forehead glistened with sweat.

His hands trembled, clearly at his breaking point.

“Even with that, I still don’t trust you.” Dustin shrugged, showing no intention of rescuing him.

“Are you messing with me?” Acheron was so angry he nearly spat blood. In a momentary lapse of concentration, his internal energy became chaotic.

Predator’s jaws closed in again, this time biting off Acheron’s nose.

“Aargh!” Acheron screamed, his face covered with blood.

“Feeling the reality sink in yet? Too bad it took you this long.” Dustin sneered, his gaze icy with resolve. He knew jerks like Acheron-a tyrant full of arrogance -didn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy.

“Argh!” Acheron bellowed, his defiance teetering on the edge of madness. “You punk! I’ll rip you apart!”

His words had barely left his lips when his strength drained along with his final breath.

Simultaneously, the beastly Predator opened its gaping jaws and swiftly bit down. There was a sickening bone_snapping crunch, and the beast swallowed Acheron’s entire head in one gulp.

Blood gushed from the severed neck.

The surroundings suddenly fell quiet. Even Quincy and his group, who had just arrived, involuntarily stopped in their tracks. They stood in shock, unable to comprehend what had just unfolded.

None of them had imagined that Acheron, the esteemed elder of the Celestial Alliance, would meet his end here and die in such a gruesome manner.

His head was devoured by the beast, leaving nothing behind but a headless body.


“Dead… dead? How is that possible?”

“I never expected Elder Wood from the Celestial Alliance, a prominent figure in the martial world, to die at the hands of a beast. It’s truly unbelievable!”

“Well, he’s too arrogant and overbearing. Guess karma finally caught up with him.”

The death of Acheron caused a stir throughout the crowd.

Nobody expected such a mighty and arrogant figure to meet such an abrupt end.

Predator took him down, pinned him, and bit off his head.

What struck everyone as particularly unsettling was that Acheron didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

“Elder… Elder Wood…?” Quincy, who had just arrived, stood frozen in place as he looked at the headless corpse before him.

Acheron had always been a figure of power and authority, towering above Quincy and many others. Within the Celestial Alliance, his status was unrivaled.

All the disciples from the Celestial Alliance who showed up for the tournament at Sacred Wrym Summit were under Acheron’s supervision.

Yet, the once-resplendent figure now lay as nothing more than a headless body. It was truly a lamentable sight.

After feasting on Acheron’s head, the beastly Predator lifted his head and unleashed a deafening roar. The sound was so intense that many martial artists winced in pain, instinctively covering their ears.

At the level of an ultimate grandmaster, even a simple sound wave attack was beyond the defense of ordinary martial artists.

After its roar, Predator’s massive body seemed to weaken and collapse to the ground.

Following that, his body quickly shrank, and his black fur, along with all his beastly features, gradually disappeared.

Soon, the terrifying black-haired monster had completely reverted to his human form.

Upon seeing this, everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

After all, the beastly Predator was simply too terrifying. Its speed, strength, defense, and healing ability were beyond comprehension.

Regenerating severed limbs and healing a broken heart, Predator seemed like an unstoppable force of nature.

If even elites like Acheron could have their heads bitten off, what chance did ordinary martial artists have?

Luckily, the beast seemed to have worn itself out. If not, who knew how many more lives it would have claimed?

“Dustin, are you guys alright?”

After a brief moment of shock, Quincy finally led the group forward.

“I’m fine, but it seems Elder Wood from the Celestial Alliance had an unexpected encounter,” Dustin replied casually.

Quincy’s mouth twitched, and momentarily, he was left speechless. ”

Unexpected encounter? More like a decapitation!” he muttered incredulously.

A young female disciple of the Celestial Alliance suddenly demanded, “Hey! You were standing right next to Elder Wood when the beast attacked him. Why didn’t you help?”

Dressed in white and quite attractive, she had a somewhat sharp gaze.

“Why should I?” Dustin shrugged and said boldly, “What does it have to do with me if he was attacked? Why would I risk my life to save him?”


The female disciple, Marcia, was visibly taken aback and said sternly, “You saw Elder Wood being attacked. As a martial artist, you lack any sense of chivalry.

Aren’t you afraid of being mocked?”

“Why didn’t you lend a hand if you’re all about chivalry?”

Dustin shot back.

He despised people like her, constantly preaching but never lifting a finger to make a difference. All they did was sit on their high horse and pass judgment. His stomach turned just thinking about it.

“I was too far away. If I had arrived on time, I definitely wouldn’t have stood by like you!” Marcia argued.

“Oh?” Dustin sneered.

He added, “Elder Wood’s head is still in that beast’s belly.

You’re so brave and righteous. Why not help retrieve his head and make it a complete corpse?”

“What… what did you say?” The color drained from her face.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear me? Let me repeat myself.”

Dustin pointed to Predator lying on the ground, saying,

“This guy ate Elder Wood’s head. As a disciple of the Celestial Alliance, helping your Elder find his head to make a complete corpse shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?”

Wasn’t this just a moral lecture? Well, he could play along with that, too.

“I…” Marcia hesitated.

Her heart raced with a mix of revulsion and fear. She couldn’t bring herself to step closer, not after witnessing Predator’s brutal attack.

The mere thought sent shivers down her spine. This beast had killed Acheron with ease. If he woke up now and decided to turn his deadly gaze toward her, what could she possibly do?

“What’s wrong? Are you scared? As a martial artist and a disciple of the Celestial Alliance, can’t you even handle this little task?” Dustin taunted sarcastically.

“Who… who said I’m scared? It’s just retrieving a head, right? What’s so hard about it!”

Provoked by Dustin’s sarcasm, Marcia immediately agreed to do it.

“You’re so brave, then go ahead.”

Dustin gestured with one hand and stepped aside to watch.

Quincy and his group exchanged uneasy glances, unsure of what to do.

As disciples of the Celestial Alliance, retrieving their elder’s head to ensure a proper burial seemed logical.

However, attempting to cut open the still-unconscious Predator posed undeniable risks. If they were to rouse the beast inadvertently, the outcome could be catastrophic.

Marcia swallowed nervously and tightened her grip around her sword.

With caution, she advanced toward the motionless Predator. At that moment, the Predator lay naked, completely still except for its heaving chest as it breathed heavily.

“Go to hell!” Gritting her teeth, Marcia stabbed Predator’s chest. Before retrieving the head, she had to kill this potential threat to ensure everything went smoothly.


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