Chapter 2164-2165


Marcia demonstrated her intelligence with a strategic move. Choosing to cut open the abdomen to reach the head could have startled the unconscious Predator, potentially putting herself in danger.

That was why opting to kill him outright was a sensible choice. However, she overlooked a critical detail-the vast difference in their strengths.

Taking down a grandmaster-level opponent, especially one with significant physical power, was no simple feat, even if they were unconscious.

With a swift motion, Marcia drove her sword toward the Predator’s chest.

Before the sword tip could penetrate more than half an inch, Predator’s reflexes kicked in. His muscles tensed instantly, exerting a powerful force that effectively trapped her sword in place.

“Hmm?” Marcia frowned and applied more pressure to push forward with her sword.

But to her surprise, it wouldn’t budge any further. Even more astonishing was that she couldn’t withdraw her sword.

She didn’t know that Predator’s muscles clamped around the sword tightly.

“What the…?” Her expression darkened.

With so many eyes on her, failing to deal with an unconscious opponent made her position in the Celestial Alliance questionable.

“Getting cold feet, huh? Need a hand?” Dustin sneered.

“Hmph! Save your taunts. We’ll avenge Elder Wood on our own!” Marcia said defiantly.

With steely resolve, she grasped the sword hilt tightly and used all her might to push it down.

Inch by inch, the sword made its way through the Predator’s muscles, and a trickle of blood marked its progress.

Unbeknownst to her, Predator sensed danger, and his eyelids suddenly twitched.

However, she continued to push her sword and drove it deeper into his chest.

Just as her sword tip was more than an inch into the chest, Predator frowned and suddenly opened his eyes.

Caught off guard, she jumped in fright. Predator roared furiously before she could even react and slammed his palm onto the sword blade.

The blade snapped, and the force of his strike toward her chest sent her hurtling backward.

Screaming and spitting blood, she flew through the air before crashing heavily to the ground. She couldn’t even get up due to the impact.

Pale-faced and terrified, she coughed up more blood and was severely injured.

Even though Predator was not in beast mode, and his strength was only at the late-stage grandmaster level, it was still no match for a regular martial artist.

If it hadn’t been for Predator’s weakened state, drained of internal energy, he would have pushed to his limit.

The force of that single palm strike was enough to flatten Marcia.

With another ferocious roar, the Predator surged forward.

His eyes were ablaze with primal fury as he charged toward her.

His transformation had boosted his strength, but it came with a dangerous trade-off-the risk of losing his sanity, especially when wounded.

In such a state, he could become nothing more than a savage beast, even if he returned to human form.

At that moment, Predator was completely overtaken by his animal instincts. He viciously targeted Marcia, who had stabbed him.

“Elder Douglas! Help me!”

The cry for help echoed through the chaos as the injured Marcia pleaded for assistance. After all, her movements were hindered by her wounds.

“Don’t be reckless!” Quincy responded promptly after shaking off his momentary hesitation.

Stepping forward, he positioned himself protectively in front of Marcia. Then, he delivered a powerful strike toward the charging Predator.

Predator didn’t dodge but continued to charge forward relentlessly. As Quincy’s palm struck him, Predator’s claws sliced through Quincy’s flesh, leaving bloody gashes.

Quincy’s strike sent the crazed Predator flying more than 30 feet away.

Quincy was shocked, staggering back a couple of steps.

Despite having the advantage, he had come dangerously close to being gutted.

He hadn’t expected Predator’s grip to be so strong that it effortlessly broke his defense. Even in his weakened state, Predator posed a significant threat to him.

The retreating Predator ignored everything, roared, and charged forward. But now, he began to target Quincy instead of Marcia, whom he deemed a greater threat.



Suddenly, the members of the Sacred Wrym Summit sprang into action.

Two disciples in blue leaped from the crowd and attacked Predator-one from the left, one from the right.

Both in their thirties, they seemed ordinary but were exceptionally strong.

They were grandmaster-level fighters. Individually, they were on par with Quincy, but together, they were unstoppable.

The Predator roared, and his claws slashed toward the two disciples.

Undaunted, the two disciples in blue emanated a golden glow and blocked Predator’s attacks.

Then, they grabbed Predator’s shoulders and dislocated his arms.

With just two crisp sounds, Predator’s arms instantly dislocated, rendering them limp and powerless at his sides.


The two disciples from Sacred Wrym Summit moved with lightning speed, swiftly dislocating Predator’s arms. In an instant, he was left powerless, his arms hanging limp after just one clash.

But Predator wasn’t about to give up. Despite his dislocated arms rendering him immobile, he still snarled and lunged at one of the disciples with his mouth wide open.

The disciple held his ground, and a shimmering golden light enveloped his body.

With a sharp impact, Predator rammed headfirst into the golden light and staggered back several feet. His face was a mess of blood and flesh, a few teeth knocked loose, leaving him dazed and swaying.

“What was that golden light just now? It looked so powerful,” Ruby remarked, her eyes  widening with surprise.

She was familiar with Predator’s strength. Even without his transformation or in his weakened state, he could still hold his own against formidable opponents like Quincy.

Yet, his two attacks were effortlessly blocked by the golden light surrounding the Sacred Wrym Summit disciples, causing harm to Predator instead.

It was clear that this golden light was no ordinary defense.

“The golden light flashing on them is one of the Eight

Sacred Incantations of the Pathfinder Sect, called the Glow Incantation,” Crystal explained.

She went on, “The essence of heaven and earth was the source of all energy. Bathed in golden light, our bodies become impervious, demons lose their nerve, and malevolent beings lose their shape. Concealed within is the power of thunder.

“The Glow Incantation is a formidable defensive technique, notoriously challenging to master. But once mastered, it shields its wielder from conventional weaponry and elemental assaults.

“Given their proficiency, they’ve probably achieved mastery. Even an experienced grandmaster would find breaching their defense a daunting task.

Upon hearing this, Ruby couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. “So powerful? Does that mean they’re unrivaled in combat?”

“Ruby, who in their right mind would pick a fight with Sacred Wrym Summit? “Miles shook his head.

Even the three most powerful sects wouldn’t dare challenge them.

Sacred Wrym Summit towered over both the martial world and the authorities, untouchable and beyond question.

They possessed an abundance of skilled elites and were bolstered by the unparalleled influence of the Ancient Sage, Arion.

In the martial world, it was widely speculated that not even the combined might of the top nine figures on the Astonishing World List could match Arion’s prowess.

The Ancient Sage was a force to be reckoned with.

Predator regained his senses, and his ferocity undiminished as he pressed on.

He showed no intention of backing down. With a relentless charge, he aimed for the two Sacred Wrym Summit disciples.

His mind had descended into madness, driving him forward with unbridled rage.


The two disciples’ expressions darkened, poised to strike, when a lazy voice suddenly cut in, “This guy still has some use. Don’t hurt him.”

With the voice came a ragged yet handsome young monk, descending gracefully from above and landing beside the pair.

The young monk, with a toothpick dangling from his lips, seemed to be in a perpetual state of drowsiness as he squinted.

“Greetings, Master Caleb!” The two Sacred Wrym Summit disciples immediately bowed respectfully.

“Enough, both of you step back. I’ll handle this guy,” the young monk lazily waved his hand.

“Yes!” The two disciples responded promptly and retreated to the side.

“Where did this little monk come from? Is he any good?”

Ruby asked skeptically. After all, even in his weakened state, the Predator was still at a grandmaster level. So, his strength was far beyond the capability of an ordinary disciple.

“Don’t worry, with him around, that rampaging killer won’t cause much trouble,” Dalen reassured with a smile.

“Oh? Do you know this little monk, Mr. Shade?” Miles asked curiously.

“If I’m not mistaken, he should be Caleb Foyer, the son of the heir to the Heavenly Sage, Kaden Foyer,” Dalen stated.

“Caleb Foyer?”

Miles and Ruby exchanged puzzled looks. They clearly hadn’t heard of this name before.

“Members of Sacred Wrym Summit tend to keep a low profile. So, it’s normal if you haven’t heard of Caleb,” Dalen explained.

He added, “But I can assure you, this man is extraordinarily talented, with a profound mastery that surpasses ordinary limits.

“He is deeply versed in the teachings of the Ancient Sage.

Though he’s not on the Legendary List, I believe his true strength surpasses even Kendricks, who ranks eighth on that list!”

With this revelation, the faces of those around him changed. To be stronger than Kendricks was quite intimidating.

“Dalen, are you serious? Can this young monk be that formidable?” Ruby asked skeptically.

Caleb appeared to be 17 or 18, younger than her. How could he possibly compare to the formidable figures on the Legendary List?

“Whether it’s true or not, you’ll find out soon enough,”

Dalen replied coolly, not elaborating further.

At that moment, the rampaging Predator had already charged toward Caleb.

His face twisted into a ferocious expression, ready to devour someone.

But Caleb seemed unperturbed, yawning lazily as he casually tossed out a yellow talisman.

“Summit Shift.”

The yellow talisman suddenly emitted a soft glow.

Simultaneously, a giant ” summit” symbol flashed in the air.

After that, as if possessed by some unseen force, the talisman descended swiftly from above, landing precisely on Predator’s back.

There was a resounding crash as the charging Predator was forcefully slammed to the ground by the talisman. Its impact created a human- shaped pit.

The pressure didn’t just feel like a mere weight on Predator’s shoulders. It felt like an entire mountain bearing down on him.

Predator roared ferociously, and he showed no signs of relenting. But despite his head’s slight mobility, the talisman had rendered his body completely paralyzed.

Not even his fingers could twitch.

“Soul Bind.”

Caleb tossed another blue talisman, swiftly attaching it to the Predator’s forehead.

Predator instantly stopped roaring. His expression froze, his eyes losing their ferocity and turning vacant. It was as if his very essence had been drained away.

Despite the intense moment, Caleb remained composed, his demeanor tired but unwavering, showing no trace of exhilaration.

The onlookers were stunned by the sight before them.

So, this was the power of Sacred Wrym Summit disciples?

It was beyond anything they had ever imagined.

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