Chapter 46 – 50

Chapter 46 – 50 An Understated Dominance

Chapter 46

“I don’t understand what you mean.” Dustin kept a straight face and played dumb. He was not one to claim credit or recognition for what he had done. Since things had ended between them, he hoped they wouldn’t be involved with each other in any way.

“It really wasn’t you?” Dahlia still had some doubts.

“Ms. Nicholson, I think there’s some misunderstanding. How can someone as useless as me help you?” Dustin replied coldly.

“Maybe I was wrong.” There was a hint of disappointment in her eyes as she added, “That’s right. Why would you help me? After all, we’re no longer together. Besides, you’re not capable of doing so.”

“As you said, I have no money or power. I’m nothing compared to Chris. Is there anything else?” Dustin’s face remained blank.

“No. You can go back to Ms. Harmon,” Dahlia said scornfully.

“Alright, please excuse me.” Dustin did not say much more and quickly caught up with Natasha, who deliberately walked slower.

“Mr. Rhys, it seems Ms. Nicholson still has some feelings for you,” Natasha teased.

“Feelings?” Dustin laughed mockingly, “It’s good enough that we haven’t turned against each other.”

“You can never read a woman’s heart. There may be things even she has yet to figure out.” Natasha smiled and tried to change the topic. “Oh, you mentioned you still need some rare herbs?”

“Why? Have you found them?” Dustin immediately perked up.

“Not yet. But I know someone who can help you. He was bom into a family of doctors, and he collects many valuable herbs. Maybe he has what you need,” Natasha explained.

“Oh? Who is it?” Dustin inquired.

“Follow me and you’ll find out.”

Natasha didn’t give more details. She took Dustin’s hand and went to the lounge on the second floor. There were two men in the lounge room. One of them was Natasha’s grandfather, Andrew Harmon. The other was a burly man who looked about a couple of decades older than Dustin.

The man was wearing a suit that made his muscles bulge. He had a calm expression on his face. It was apparent he was no ordinary person.

“Mr. Rhys, you’re here! Have a seat!” Andrew immediately gestured for him to sit once Dustin entered the room.

“How are you feeling, Old Mr. Harmon?” Dustin asked politely.

“Much better. It’s all thanks to you. If not, I would have lost my life.” Andrew smiled.

“It’s nothing.” Dustin said modestly.

“Mr. Rhys, I would like to introduce someone to you.”

Natasha pointed at the other man. “This is Duane Welch, an expert in medicine. He’s from Millsburg and has a lot of experience. You can ask him if you need anything concerning medicine.”

“I’ve met you before.” Dustin nodded.

“I didn’t know you were going to introduce someone so young to me. I don’t know if he has what it takes.” Duane sized him up disdainfully. He had personally come because he heard there was a famous doctor in Swinton. He hadn’t expect it to be this unremarkable boy.

What a waste of his time!

“Mr. Welch, you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve personally witnessed Mr. Rhys‘ skill. He’s on par with other experienced doctors!” Natasha reassured him.

“Is that so? If that’s the case, he should evaluate me and see if he could diagnose anything.“Duane started to get ready for an evaluation. It was obvious he was trying to make things difficult for Dustin.

“There’s no need. I can recognize what disease you have in a glance,” Dustin responded.

“In a glance?” Duane was slightly startled. “Are you joking? You can diagnose me by just looking? Even the senior doctors in Millsburg can’t do that!”

“I don’t know if others can do it. But I can indeed see what disease you have.” Dustin was very certain.

“Alright! Then I would really like to know what you have diagnosed!” Duane joked lightly.

“You have a weak pulse, and you often become breathless. Your chest area especially is infected, and in addition to the internal injuries you suffered before, you are now terminally ill!” Dustin explained in a breath.

“Terminally ill? Ha! What nonsense!”

Duane chuckled coldly. “Young man, don’t you know that I’ve led an active lifestyle since I was young? My body is very strong. Besides, I take a lot of supplements. I’m basically invincible to any disease! How dare you say I’m terminally ill? What a joke!”

“You’re only healthy physically. The real disease is internal. Also, you should stop taking those supplements as they would only make your condition worse. Once it breaks out, there will be no turning back!” Dustin warned.

“What a load of bullshit! I’ve been taking those supplements since I was young and nothing has happened in 40 years. Now you’re telling me they don’t work?” Duane was very unhappy about this.

“I’m just warning you. If you continue, you will have a thyroid infection in three days!” Dustin advised.

“You’re not fooling me! I’ve encountered a lot of scammers like you!” Duane said disdainfully.

“Mr. Welch, Dustin is a skilled doctor. You better not take his words lightly.” Natasha reminded him gently.

“Natasha, I think you have been scammed. I know my body well. I’m not sick at all. He’s just trying to scare us!”

“Since you don’t believe it, why don’t we make a bet?”

“What is at stake?”

“It’s simple. If your disease breaks out within three days, you have to let Dustin pick anything from your collection of valuable herbs!”

“Alright! But what if I’m fine?”

“If you’re fine, you can come to the Harmon family’s treasury and pick any three items!” Natasha offered boldly.

“You stated the rules. Since you’re being so generous, I won’t hold back!” Duane chuckled.

Everything in the Harmon family’s treasury was an extraordinary item. Any three would be a rare collector’s item.

“Mr. Welch, a word of advice, it’s best if you don’t leave Swinton in these three days. If anything happens, I can still save you in time,” Dustin advised.

“What a joke! Who am I? Do I need you to save me? Even if I were sick, I would never ask you to treat me!”

Duane said contemptuously. He wouldn’t even bother talking with this scammer if it weren’t for the Harmon family.

“There’s no point in saying more. The truth will prevail” Dustin smiled faintly without saying another word. He just hoped Duane’s rare herbs collection would have what he needed.

Chapter 47

“Mr. Harmon, I have to attend something else. Please, excuse me.”

After a few exchanges, Duane got ready to leave. He had come because of a renowned doctor. He wouldn’t stay long since it was just a sham.

“Mr. Welch, I suggest you listen to Mr. Rhys‘ advice and stay around Swinton for these few days to avoid anything.” Natasha kindly reminded him.

“Natasha, you don’t have to worry about me. You should worry about yourself,” Duane piped up thoughtfully. “I remember your engagement to Tyler Grant is imminent. I don’t think a man like him would like it if you were too close to other men.”

Natasha couldn’t help but frown at these words. He had touched on a sensitive topic.

“It’s just an engagement. We’re not even married yet. At worst, I can break off the engagement,” Natasha answered casually.

“Break off the engagement? That’s the Grant family you’re talking about. Have you thought of the consequences of your actions?” Duane was slightly bewildered.

“What consequences would there be? They can’t do anything to me,” Natasha replied calmly.

“The Grant family might not do anything to you, but I’m not sure about the one next to you. You’re well aware of the Grant family’s ways. The closer you get to him, the more danger he’s in.”

Duane gazed toward Dustin. His implications were clear.

“Hmph! I don’t believe Tyler would cause any trouble!” Natasha maintained an impassive face.

“I’m just reminding you. What you do is up to you.” Duane didn’t say more and left with a smile.

“What Duane says is true. You’d better deal with the matter between you and the Grant family.” Andrew warned.

“Grandfather, I know what to do.” Natasha nodded.

Although they had been engaged since young, she had never fallen for him. How could she marry someone she doesn’t have feelings for? Besides, she despised arranged marriages the most!

“Ms. Harmon, Sir Hummer is requestign to see you,” a bodyguard informed her after entering.

“Edwin Hummer?” Natasha raised an eyebrow. “I was just about to see him. I didn’t expect him to come first. Bring him to the lounge, I’ll be there in a second.”

“Yes, Ms. Nicholson,” the bodyguard replied promptly and left.

“Mr. Rhys, I’m going to see what I can find out from Edwin. You can pretend to be my bodyguard and Improvise.” Natasha glanced at the man beside her.

“Okay,” Dustin agreed and nodded his head.

Today’s ceremony was bait for the prey. Now that the prey was here, he could not pass on this opportunity.

Three minutes later, Dustin and Natasha arrived at another lounge.

Edwin and Fletcher were leisurely enjoying some tea inside. Behind them were a pair of twins.

“Ms. Harmon, congratulations on your grand opening!” Edwin immediately congratulated her.

He seemed like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“Welcome. Sir Hummer. It’s a pleasure to have you here!” Natasha greeted cheerily. Although they were enemies, they had to put on a cordial act.

“I see a few new faces around you. Aren’t you going to introduce them?” Natasha looked toward Fletcher and the other two men.

“Oh! This is an old friend of mine, Mr. Lawson. He helps me with my personal affairs. As for these two young “men, they’re his apprentices,” Edwin introduced them without hesitation.

“So you’re Mr. Lawson. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Natasha smiled.

“Mr. Lawson, I have something to discuss with Ms. Harmon. You can leave the room.” Edwin gave them a look, hinting for them to leave.

“Yes, sir.”

Chapter 48

Fletcher threw a glance at Dustin and went out with his apprentices.

“You should go out too.” Natasha gestured for him to exit the room.

Dustin nodded and went out.

They had a tacit understanding with each other, or in other words, they had ulterior motives.

“So, you’re Natasha’s personal bodyguard? You don’t look like much!” The twins sized Dustin up like he was their prey.

“Is that so? You’ll find out soon.” Dustin went down the stairs without another word.

“Liam and Noah, follow him and get rid of him,” Fetcher ordered coldly.

In his opinion, he didn’t need to deal with an insignificant person like Dustin. His two apprentices could easily finish him off.

“No problem!” Liam and Noah grinned and followed him quietly.

Once Dustin went downstairs, he strolled through the garden and entered the underground parking lot. The company had just launched, and the parking lot was still closed, so it was quiet and empty.

“Boy! You really know how to dig your own grave!”

At that moment, Liam and Noah finally revealed themselves. There was nobody here, so they could make a move.

“Don’t you know the prey may sometimes become the predator?” Dustin turned around slowly, as if it was all a part of his plan.

“I don’t know what you mean, but the prey is definitely you!” The two grinned grimly.

However, before they could make a move, there was a thunderous sound of footsteps. A group of thugs armed with machetes and steel pipes rushed in.

“Huh, this is not enough to bruise us!” Liam and Noah grinned, not taking the thugs seriously at all.

Dustin raised his eyebrow. He, too, felt it was a bit excessive. He didn’t need help to fight these two people.

“Dustin! Your time has come!” Chris yelled and walked out of the crowd.

“It’s you! Are you here to join the fun too?” Dustin narrowed his eyes in surprise.

“Join the fun? I’m going to break you today!” Chris said viciously.

“I don’t think I have any beef with you,” Dustin stated calmly.

“You may not, but I do!” Chris cried with resentment. “Who are you to deserve Ms. Harmon’s attention? How am I inferior to you? Why am I getting kicked aside like a dog? Why?”

“You brought people here because of that?” Dustin was slightly confused. He really couldn’t understand how Chris’s mind worked. What was this, jealousy turned into wrath?

“Of course not! You’ve long been an eyesore to me! I haven’t been able to get with Dahlia because of you. Your entire existence is a stumbling block in my lifel” Chris roared. His hatred toward Dustin had slowly grown over time. He always thought he was a nobody, so he never took him seriously. However, he finally acknowledged him as a threat after finding out Natasha’s identity.

He may just be some gold digger, but he would become a threat if he stayed by Natasha’s side and stirred up trouble. Thus, he wanted to act first and destroy Dustin.

He refused to believe Natasha would fall for a useless piece of trash!

Chapter 49

“I’d advise you not to do that, or you will regret it.” Dustin remained calm and unbothered. Chris had always been nothing but a joke to him.

“Ha! I know you practice some martial arts, but it’s not enough to defeat the men I hired. They’re all experts in martial arts. Besides, even if you can fight, you’d only get chopped up by my men!” Chris smiled coldly.

It was a completely different matter to fight with hand–to–hand combat than armed combat. He refused to believe Dustin could survive a weapon!

“Hey! I don’t know what grudge you hold against each other, but we set our eyes on him first. You’d better stand aside!” the twins yelled.

“Initially, they thought Chris and his men were Dustin’s backup, but they turned out to be his enemies.

“Who are these two idiots? Step aside, or we’ll deal with you too!” Chris glared at them and roared.

“Deal with us?” Liam and Noah glanced at each other and chuckled, “Haha! We’ve not met someone as fearless as you in some time. Come, let us see what you and your men can do.”

They made some taunting gestures toward the men.

“Fuck! You’re asking for it! Kill them all!” Chris didn’t waste another second and gave the order. The men armed with knives and steel poles immediately stormed forward.

“We should warm up.” Liam and Noah grinned and stepped forward. 1

What happened next shook Chris to the core.

The twins waved their bare fists around and began to attack his men viciously. They moved at the speed of lightning, and their fists were extremely powerful. Every strike took one man down. Any unlucky fighters would die right on the spot!

Chris realized something frightening. Their hands seemed to be cast from metal. One punch could create a hole through the wall. One kick could bend the steel rod in half.

These people weren’t human. These two were clearly monsters!

In just a few minutes, Liam and Noah managed to defeat all the thugs. Not a single one of them remained.

Their strength was astonishingly overpowering!

“How is this possible?” Chris was so frightened his lips quivered. He never expected these two ordinary men to be so powerful.

“What a bunch of trash! I haven’t even finished warming up!” Both Liam and Noah felt unsatisfied with their battle.

As they spoke, they turned to look at Chris, and he stumbled backward out of fear.

“Coward!” Both of them couldn’t be bothered with Chris and turned around to focus on Dustin. “Now it’s your turn. I hope you can surprise us. Otherwise, this would be too easy.”

“Bring it on.” Dustin waved his hand with an unwavering expression.

“Liam, let me have at it first!” Noah chuckled and leaped forward.

Chris, who had been frightened earlier, Immediately got excited as he watched this unfold. He could see that their target was Dustin. Although his men were all defeated, he would be glad as long as Dustin got beaten up too. He couldn’t help but look forward to it at the thought of the twins‘ performance just now.

“Dustin Rhys, aren’t you good at fighting? I would like to see how you escape these two monsters!” Chris laughed gleefully.

At this moment, Noah made a move. His body arched up slightly, and there was a sudden force. In an instant, his body sprung forward like a preying cheetah and slammed into Dustin powerfully. Even a cow would fall, let alone a person.

As Chris was gloating at the thought, Dustin suddenly moved. He reached out his hand at lightning speed, grabbed Noah’s neck, and threw him against the wall.

There was a loud explosion as Noah’s body made a hole in the wall.

Noah groaned. He felt dizzy after being hit and had lost all his strength. All his bones felt as if they had shattered, and he couldn’t even move.

Noah had lost all fight in just one move.

Dustin glared at him coldly. He grabbed Noah with one hand like he was nothing.

“Stop it!” Liam cried out in utter shock. He shot up and aimed a punch at Dustin’s back.

A muffled thud followed his punch.

Dustin, who had been hit, stood as firm as a mountain. On the contrary, it was Liam who was sent flying miles away by the burst of energy. He landed harshly on a concrete wall and spat a mouthful of blood before he landed on the ground.

Liam was horrified as he looked down and realized the arm he used to punch Dustin had completely shattered. His internal organs had suffered severe damage. However, he still had surging energy in his body flowing out uncontrollably, like a wildfire that couldn’t be contained. Liam could not bear it anymore and spat out another mouthful of blood.

Chris was dumbfounded by what he saw. It was as if he had seen a ghost. He never imagined that the pair of twins who seemed so invincible Just now would be defeated by Dustin in a blink of an eye. They hadn’t even made any significant moves.

How could this be? This was impossible!

Chris was so shocked his face turned to ash, and cold sweat dripped down his back.

He had been so sure of the twins‘ ability. Liam and Noah were able to easily take down 20 people before. He had never seen such dauntless fighters! Logically speaking. It would be easy for them to deal with Dustin.

How did they fail right at the beginning?

If these two were monsters, then wasn’t Dustin a beast amongst monsters?

Chapter 50

“Who on earth are you?” Liam trembled as he dragged himself over. His laidback expression had been replaced by shock and fear. Never did he imagine that his full strength could not even scratch his opponent. Instead, he had injured himself gravely.

Was this man even human?

Fletcher had clearly told them he was just an ordinary martial artist. Why was he so powerful?

“Liam! Run away! Quickly!” Noah, who was pressed against the wall, yelled out at the top of his lungs.

The moment he crossed paths with Dustin, he realized that Dustin was much stronger than they had imagined. He had been able to render him completely useless with one move.

“Ah!” Liam cried out begrudgingly. Reluctantly, he abandoned his brother and ran away. He knew he couldn’t save him. He didn’t even have the power to fight Dustin to his death.

If Dustin was a mountain, they were nothing but ants. His punch just now had completely crushed his will to fight!

“I have to tell Fletcher! This man is too frightening. He shouldn’t be taken lightly, otherwise Fletcher will surely die!”

Liam’s desire to survive pushed him to rush out of the parking lot. He was only focused on one thought. He had to tell his master to leave Swinton and never return!

This man was someone they could never afford to offend!

Dustin didn’t bother to chase after Liam because he knew Liam’s internal organs had suffered fatal damage.

“Who on earth are you? Why are you in Swinton?” Noah was filled with fear, as if he had seen a ghost. If he knew someone so powerful existed by Natasha’s side, he wouldn’t dare to approach her even if he had the courage of a lion.

“That doesn’t matter. I’ll give you a chance. Tell me everything about Fletcher, and I’ll spare your life,” Dustin said coldly.

“You want me to betray him? In your dreams!” Noah glared at him and used his last remaining strength to tap on his amulet.

There was a crisp sound, and Noah bled to death in an instant.

Dustin raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect Noah to be so determined as to opt for suicide to prevent himself from spilling anything.

Chris cowered in a corner, shivering after witnessing everything.

He quickly ran away without another word. He wouldn’t have provoked Dustin if he knew he was so powerful. Now he had brought trouble onto himself. He was speechless!

At the same time, In the lounge of the Emerald building. Edwin and Natasha were still conversing.

“Ms. Harmon, I have some business at home. Please, excuse me.” Edwin got ready to leave after the chat.

“Goodbye, Sir Hummer.” Natasha did not intend to stop them and watched as they left.

“Mr. Lawson, do you have any news from your apprentices?” Edwin immediately asked once they got in the car.

“Maybe they wanted to have a bit more fun. Don’t worry, Sir Hummer. They will return after they deal with the matter.” Fletcher smiled calmly.

He was very confident in the apprentices he trained personally. They were twins, so they had a deep emotional connection. Their strength doubles once united. They were undoubtedly invincible in Swinton!

“That would be best.” Edwin nodded without another word and ordered the driver to get going.

Soon, they arrived at the Hummer Villa. However, before they could settle down, a bodyguard rushed in and cried, “Sir Hummer! Mr. Lawson! Liam has sustained fatal injuries. I don’t think he will make it!”

“What?” Edwin and Fletcher’s faces immediately fell when they heard this.

“What nonsense are you saying? Liam is invincibly strong. Who could hurt him?” Fletcher was very distressed, and he grabbed the bodyguard by the collar.

“It’s true! Liam is at the door right now. You have to see him now or it will be too late!” the bodyguard pleaded.

Fletcher did not waste any time. He pushed the bodyguard aside and left quickly. However, he lost his cool when he saw the dying Liam when he arrived at the door.

“Liam! What happened to you? Where’s Noah?” Fetcher’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Noah… is dead. We were mistaken! You Leave!”

Before Liam could finish his sentence, there was a splutter, and he spat a mouthful of blood on Fletcher’s face.

His head slumped and he died on the spot!

“Liam!” Fetcher exclaimed, overcome with sorrow. He had carefully trained both apprentices to pass on the mantle. He didn’t expect them to die so suddenly.

“Why? Why did this happen? Who did this?” Fetcher held on to the body and cried.

“I don’t know. Liam was already in this state when we found him.” The bodyguard shook his head.

“Mr. Lawson, Liam was very capable. How did he end up this way?” Edwin walked toward them at this moment.

Fletcher did not respond. He knelt down and inspected the body carefully.

“Broken bones and blood vessels, major organ damage. He must’ve met a powerful opponent!” After the inspection, Fetcher’s expression darkened.

“Are you saying that fellow by Natasha’s side is very powerful?” Edwin frowned.

“His strength must not be taken lightly if he could destroy my apprentices. I made a wrong judgment!” Fletcher said in disappointment.

“Can you defeat him?” Edwin implored.

“Although this man is very strong, he’s still young. He can’t be more powerful than my 40 years of experience. I will kill him and take revenge for my apprentices!” Fletcher swore with determination.

“Mr. Lawson, since you’re proficient in the mystic arts. You should use what you’re confident in,” Edwin reminded him. He didn’t want any more accidents to occur.

“Hmph! This man killed my apprentices by beating them to death! I would return an eye for an eye and kill him myself!” Fletcher gritted his teeth.

If he knew his apprentice died because of his attempt to punch Dustin, he would no longer have had this thought.

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