Chapter 51 – 55

Chapter 51 – 55 An Understated Dominance

Chapter 51

In a lounge at the Emerald building. Natasha greeted Dustin. “Mr. Rhys, you’re not hurt, are you?” Her eyes scanned him over in worry.

“I’m fine.” Dustin shook his head and continued, “I’ve dealt with the twins. What do you plan on doing next?”

“Those two were some of Edwin’s most useful men. I think he will be very alarmed now that they are dead. We should take things slow lest we scare them away,” Natasha said. She did not want to burn the bridge between her and Edwin. She just wanted to teach him a lesson so he would back down. This was the best option.

“Alright. It’s up to you.” Dustin didn’t say more.

“Oh, yes, you should take cover for the time being. I received news that Trevor’s brother, Travis, is back, and he’s hunting for the murderer.” Natasha’s tone and expression turned grave. She would not pick battles with the military. Travis was a general in the warzone. Even she had to think twice before getting on the wrong side of him.

“Thanks for the advice. I know what to do.” Dustin nodded.

The position of general was a very powerful one. To someone ordinary, he held the power of life and death. However, Dustin was not so afraid.

Meanwhile, in the Spanner Villa.

Travis stood by the coffin’s side with his eyes closed. Outside the living room, members of the Spanner family knelt on the ground. Everyone had their heads down. Not a word was spoken, and the atmosphere was very tense.

Trevor had died out of the blue, the traitor Mason had disappeared, and the murderer was nowhere to be found. The entire Spanner family was reeling from the loss.

“General! We’ve got something!” At this moment, an adjutant walked in.

“Who is the murderer?” Travis opened his eyes with a bloodthirsty look.

“We’re not sure who the murderer is. But, we’ve found someone related to him,” the adjutant explained.

“Be more specific.”

“According to our Investigation, two people went to the Drey Group before Trevor’s demise. One was the Quine Group’s president, Dahlia Nicholson. The other was Hunter Anderson, the president of Swinton’s Business Commerce!”

“You mean they are associated with the murderer?”

“Yes! Dahlia, especially, is the key to everything. Edward was crippled because of her. She must know the murderer’s identity!” the adjutant deduced.

“That’s right! That bitch ruined me! She has someone good at fighting on her side. They must have killed my father!” Edward immediately became agitated.

“Gather the troops! Arrest her immediately!” Travis stood up and said coldly after ordering. “I don’t care who the murderer is. I will destroy his whole family for killing someone from the Spanner family!”

That evening, the Nicholson family were celebrating Dahlia’s newly launched company in a restaurant.

“Sis, I’d like to raise a toast to you. I wish you success in the future!” James grinned and raised his glass.

The rest of them cheered and raised their glasses.

“Dahlia, you must be hiring since the company is newly established. I have a niece who’s a fresh graduate. Can you arrange a job for her?”

“Huh! I almost forgot. I also have a cousin that’s recently unemployed. He has eight years of experience in business management. Dahlia, you should hire him into management. He’s sure to help you out!”

After a few drinks, some women started to chatter.

“Hiring is handled by Human Resources. I usually don’t interfere. Of course, if any of you have a suitable candidate, they can always submit their resume,” Dahlia responded professionally. The company was very against nepotism, and she would usually avoid matters like this. Of course, if it were unavoidable, she would arrange an idle job for them.

“Dahlia, listen to me. I heard that Dustin and Ms. Harmon are very close. If you won’t help us, we’ll ask

Dustin!” one of them exclaimed.

“Hmph! Dustin is nothing but a gold digger. He’s not even fit to be in my sister’s shadow!” James snorted coldly.

“That’s right! What can useless trash do for you? Do you really think he could speak up before Ms. Harmon? Stop daydreaming!” Florence also added in spite.

Why would they mention that trash to dampen the mood?

“But I heard Dustin was invited onto the stage at today’s opening ceremony,” the person added.

“So what? He didn’t even say a single word. It was so humiliating!”

“That’s right! It may seem he’s living a glorious life now, but he’s nothing but a tool. Ms. Harmon will kick him aside when she gets tired of him!”

Everyone started nodding along. That was right. What did Ms. Harmon see in a person such as Dustin? In the end, he was nothing but a plaything. Once she got tired of him, she would throw him away. By then, Dustin would be worthless!

“Hard work requires effort. Any man who depends on a woman is useless. The real talented young man is Chris!” James finished and gave Chris a big thumbs up.

Chris’s eyes twitched, and he seemed nervous. In the past, he would definitely scoff in contempt of Dustin. However, after witnessing his power today, he felt Dustin was not someone ordinary.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about this and eat,” Dahlia said, trying to change the topic. She didn’t want to hear Dustin’s and Natasha’s names mentioned.

Whenever she thought of the two laughing and talking, she would feel strangely panicked.

“Quick! Surround this place. No one can leave!”

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the door. Immediately, the door was kicked open with a loud bang.

A group of heavily armed guards stormed in aggressively. The deadly aura radiating from them made everyone’s blood run cold.

“Who is Dahlia Nicholson?” The leading soldier stepped out, his eyes as sharp as a knife.

Chapter 52

Everyone was shocked when they watched the guards swarm in. They looked at each other in confusion for some time.

“Officer, what is the matter?” Florence braced herself and asked. She had never witnessed such an occasion as a civilian. Even if she did not do anything illegal, she still felt guilty.

“I’m asking, who is Dahlia Nicholson?” the officer spoke in a somber tone with a hostile look in his eyes.

“I am…” Dahlia slowly stood up and put on a brave face as she asked, “What can I do for you, officer?”

“According to our investigations, you are collaborating with the enemy. You are accused of being a spy planted by the west. Come with us immediately to assist in the investigation!” the officer announced.

“Collaborating with the enemy? A traitor?”

Everyone was shocked at his accusation. That didn’t seem plausible. Dahlia was born and raised in Swinton, she wasn’t mixed in any way. Even her ancestors were all ordinary farmers.

How could she end up being a traitor?

“Officer, is there a mistake? My daughter is a model citizen. She pays her taxes every year and even donates to charity. How is it possible that she’s a traitor?” Florence asked in shock.

“That’s right! My sister is innocent. You shouldn’t spew nonsense!” James slammed the table and stood up unhappily.

“We will find out whether this is a mistake after the investigation!” the guard answered coldly.

“Is there even a need? We can testify!”

“That’s right! Dahlia is definitely not a traitor!” everyone spoke out in support. They were very clear about Dahlia’s conduct.

It would be more plausible that she manipulated the market, but being a traitor to the country was not possible!

“I’m just following orders. Anyone who stops me will be deemed an accomplice!” The officer started to get impatient.

“You wouldn’t dare!” James glared at him. “Do you know who we are? You wouldn’t live to see daylight if you dared touch a single hair on my sister!”

“Huh! There is solid evidence of Dahlia Nicholson’s collusion with the enemy country. Anyone who obstructs the arrest must be an accomplice. If that’s the case, take them all away! Anyone who resists will be shot!”

At the officer’s order, all the soldiers raised their guns one after another. The cold gun barrel aimed at the people in the room felt very menacing.

In an instant, everyone froze.

“You-you…” James wanted to say something but Dahlia quickly stopped him. “Everyone, keep calm. I believe there must be some misunderstanding. I’m sure they will let me go after the investigation.”

The officer snorted coldly at these words. They were the ones who decided whether this was a misunderstanding or not!

“Take them away!” the officer ordered, and everyone was taken to the car.

The car stopped at the gates of the Spanner Villa 20 minutes later.

“Officer, this doesn’t look like a place for investigations,” Florence asked with uncertainty.

“Stop talking nonsense! Go in!” The officer couldn’t bother to say more and forced everyone inside the villa.

Everyone realized something was off once they walked into the courtyard. Two white flags were hung on each side of the door, and in the middle of the living room was a coffin.

Trevor’s portrait greeted them.

“Sir Spanner?” Everyone widened their eyes in confusion.

As for Dahlia, she started to feel uneasy. She realized she must have walked into a trap.

“Is everyone here?” Just when everyone was left wondering, a burly Travis walked out imposingly. His sharp eyes and menacing stance felt so overbearing some couldn’t breathe.

“Sir, everyone related is here,” the officer replied.

“Okay.” Travis nodded, his gaze swept through the crowd, and he continued, “My name is Travis Spanner. I’m from the western war zone with the position of a general. I believe some of you may have heard of me.”

“Travis Spanner? General?”

Everyone’s face fell at these words.

Chris was especially fearful. Others might not know it, but he knew very well how scary the western warzone was. Only one who was experienced in battle and had strong military control could obtain this position. Even the Mighty Three had to show their respect in the face of this man. In this world, money and status were far inferior to power!

Rich people did not necessarily have power, but people with power must have money!

This man before him was the prime example of someone with money and power. The point was his power came from the military. He could convict anyone of any crime in just a word!

For example, treason!

“I don’t want to waste time, so I’ll just ask one question. You’ll survive if you answer honestly. Otherwise, you’ll be convicted for the crime of treason!” Travis threatened without beating around the bush.

“General, we will fully cooperate with the investigation!” Florence nodded, her legs trembling with fear. She had no choice. This man’s demeanor was too domineering!

“Alright. Let me ask you, did my brother’s death have anything to do with you?” Travis asked.

The crowd got anxious as soon as he said those words.

“No! It has nothing to do with us! We don’t know anything!”

“Yes! We’re all innocent!”

“General! You must be mistaken! We have nothing to do with Sir Spanner’s death!”

Everyone shook their heads in fright. They would definitely lose their lives if they admitted to such a thing.

“Is that so?” Travis snickered coldly. He waved his hand without another word and ordered, “Edward, take a look at these people.”

“I’m coming!” Edward slowly limped out of the room. As his gaze fixed on Dahlia, he immediately took on a lustful expression. However, his lust quickly turned to resentment. Now that he had become crippled, he wouldn’t feel anything even before this exquisite woman.

Since he couldn’t get her, he would rather destroy her!

At this thought, Edward’s face contorted into a nasty look.

“Uncle! It’s her, Dahlia! My dad’s death must have something to do with her!” Edward pointed at Dahlia, then turned around and pointed at Chris, shouting, “And him! He also has a grudge against me! He might be suspicious too!”

Chapter 53

Chris was completely dumbfounded to be pointed out by Edward. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected Edward to do so. He didn’t do anything, but somehow he got involved.

“Tell me honestly, did you have anything to do with my dad’s death?” Edward glared and shouted.

“No! It had nothing to do with me! I don’t know anything!” Chris shook his head in fear, cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

“You don’t know, or you don’t want to tell?” Edward narrowed his eyes menacingly.

“Mr. Spanner, I really have no idea! This is all a misunderstanding!” Chris started to plead, every inch of his body was begging for mercy. Although he knew Edward was taking the opportunity to settle their personal grudge, he couldn’t say a word.

“Huh! It seems like you won’t spill without some pressure. Come, beat him up!” Edward ordered, and two officers immediately took action.

“Wait!” James suddenly stopped them. “Do you know who he is? He’s Chris Nolan of Nolan Pharmaceuticals!

He’s also very close with Mr. Anderson! If you dared touch a hair on him, Mr. Anderson would not let it slide!”

“There! Uncle Travis, you heard it. This guy is related to Hunter Anderson! He must be one of the murderers!”

Edward suddenly became excited, as if he had caught Chris admitting to the crime.

“So you’re Hunter’s accomplice that killed my brother?” Travis glared at him.

There were two main suspects in this case. One was Hunter Anderson, and the other was Dahlia Nicholson.

This man was connected to both of these people, so he was obviously involved.

“No! It wasn’t me!” Chris was slightly startled, and he quickly shook his head. “I have nothing to do with Mr. Anderson! I don’t know anything at all. This whole thing was a misunderstanding from start to finish!”

“Chris, why do you have to be afraid of them? You have Mr. Anderson to help you. They wouldn’t dare to touch you!” James proclaimed proudly.

“Shut the fuck up!” Chris was so terrified he threw his arms around and landed a slap on James‘ face.

Mr. Anderson was nothing! This guy was a general commanding thousands of troops!

Who could stop someone like him if he goes mad?

“Chris… Why did you hit me?”

James held onto his face in pain. “Didn’t you give Mr. Anderson a phone call to save my sister when Sir Spanner was messing with her? Did I say something wrong?”

“Fuck you! How dare you speak nonsense! Shut up!”

Chris was about to cry. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. Was this guy an idiot? Couldn’t he read the room?

“We have a witness and physical evidence! I’d like to see you explain yourself!” Edward gloated. He just wanted to take advantage of the situation. He didn’t expect to actually get results.

“Edward, this guy is bullshitting! I didn’t do anything. It was a complete coincidence that Mr. Anderson showed up that day! They were the ones giving me all the credit willingly!” Chris had no choice but to tell the truth as the situation started to get out of hand.

“Huh? Didn’t you help my sister?” James was very confused.

“In your dreams!” Chris berated angrily. “Who am I to request for Mr. Anderson? You should really use your brains! If I had that power, I wouldn’t go bankrupt!”

“What? Bankrupt?” The entire Nicholson family was shocked by his words. They couldn’t react for a moment.

“At this point, I won’t bother to hide anymore. Dustin was right. Nolan Pharmaceuticals is under investigation, and we’re going bankrupt. Now, it’s just an empty shell!”

Chris could no longer be bothered. He would do anything to be set apart from the Nicholson family.

“You’re not joking, are you? You said the company was going public. How could it go bankrupt?” Florence was dumbfounded.

“Going public? That’s bullshit! I just said that to fool all of you! There’s no such thing on earth! I wouldn’t even think of you if the dividends existed! Stop dreaming!” Chris had a grim expression on his face. He was blabbing about everything at this moment. He would do anything to draw a line between himself and the Nicholson family to save his life.

“You mean you’ve been lying to us?” Florence was shocked and in disbelief.

“That’s right! I just wanted to snag some money and run away. Who knew you’d be dumb enough to believe it!” Chris sneered.

“You monster! How could you cheat us of our money? Pay us back!” Florence shrieked and jumped at Chris. That was her retirement money. She had invested everything to get the bonus.

Who knew it would all be in vain? It was as if her whole world had collapsed!

“You sly wolf! We trusted you! How could you cheat us of our money? You’re an animal! Give us back the money!” The others were also agitated and started to protest, but they were quickly forced back by the armed guards. Only Florence was quick enough to leave a scratch mark on Chris’s face.

“The money is gone! Truth be told, I’ve transferred all the funds overseas. You should just give up!” Chris came completely clean. His words were like a knife, stabbed through their chests. They had never felt more regret! If they had known this, they wouldn’t have been greedy and believed in Chris’s nonsense.

“Why would you do this?” Dahlia frowned in confusion. She never expected Chris’s capital increase would be a scam.

Moreover, Dustin was being kind when he tried to tell her the Nolan family was going bankrupt. However, no one believed him.

This was really a big slap in the face!

“Why? Of course, it was for money! I’ll have women when I have money. You should all know this!” Chris snickered.

“So the partnership with the Harmon family had nothing to do with you either?” Dahlia asked tentatively.

“That’s right!” Chris admitted to it plainly. “My dad never called the Harmon family. They made the decision themselves. I just took advantage of the situation! The funny thing was you all believed me without a doubt!”

Dahlia was completely dumbfounded. Everything turned out to be a misunderstanding. Chris never helped her in any way and even cheated her of her money. The worst part was that he had taken credit for everything and kept her in the dark.

He had such wild ambitions!

The question was, who had helped her behind her back if it wasn’t Chris?

Chapter 54

“Could it be Dustin?” Dahlia wondered. She then immediately dismissed this thought.

That was impossible!

They were already divorced. Besides, they were now like water and oil. Why would he help her? Moreover, he wasn’t capable of it.

“Chris Nolan! You’re such a vile and despicable human being! I must’ve been blind to believe in someone like you!”

“Bastard! I even thought of you as family! You’re even worse than that trash, Dustin!” Florence and James cursed at him after knowing the truth. They had put their whole trust in Chris. They didn’t expect him to be a fraud.

“We all have to look out for ourselves! You only have yourself to blame for being so dumb!” Chris mocked scornfully.

“Shut the fuck up! My ears are sore from listening to your bickering!” Edward roared, and everyone fell silent at once.

“What I’m trying to say is, I have nothing to do with the Nicholson family. I don’t know Hunter Anderson either. The Nicholson family was behind Sir Spanner’s death! I had nothing to do with it!” Chris knelt on the floor with a thud and started to beg.

“Uncle Travis, how should we deal with him?” Edward asked.

Travis didn’t say a word. He took two steps forward and declared to Chris, “I don’t care about what you have to do with the Nicholson family. I just want to know who the murderer is! Tell me, and I’ll spare you, or else you face the same fate as them!”

“I’ll tell you everything!” Chris suddenly had an idea and said in a hurry. “I figured it out! It must be Dustin! He must’ve murdered Mr. Spanner!”

“Dustin? What a familiar name.” Edward pinched his chin in deep thought.

“Edward, did you forget? He’s the one who beat you up!” Chris started to blabber.

“It was him!” Edward immediately remembered and added resentfully, “Uncle Travis, Dustin is the most suspicious of all!”

“Where is he?” Travis asked coldly..

“I saw him at the Emerald building this morning. I don’t know where he went after that. Oh, Dahlia is in charge of the Emerald building. She’s also Dustin’s wife. She must know where he is!” Chris pointed at Dahlia and pushed all the blame onto her.

“Bullshit! Dustin and my sister are divorced!” James immediately refuted.

“That’s right! We have nothing to do with Dustin. His mess has nothing to do with us!”

“Yeah! You should look for Dustin. We’re all Innocent!”

Everyone started to protest, afraid of being involved in this matter.

“I’ll decide if you’re innocent or not. Everyone is guilty before we find the murderer!” Travis scoffed coldly.

“That damned Dustin! He’s going to kill us all!”

“This is so unfair! We’ve obeyed the law our whole lives. Why did we meet such a troublemaker?”

The Nicholson family lamented together.

“Leave Dahlia and lock up the rest of the Nicholson family!” Travis gave the order.

“Yes, sir!” The adjutant saluted, and armed soldiers led Florence and the others into the car.

As for Chris, he was shocked out of his wits.

“Where are you taking them?” Dahlia frowned with worry.

“You shouldn’t worry about them. You should worry about yourself.”

Travis slowly inched closer and asked coldly, “Where is Dustin? Are both of you involved in my brother’s death? You’d better be honest, and I’ll end you quickly! Otherwise, your entire family would join you!”

“Sir Spanner’s death has nothing to do with me! I don’t know anything!” Dahlia denied.

“You don’t know?” Travis snorted. “It seems you won’t say anything without some force.”

He waved his hands, and two soldiers came forward and bound Dahlia up and hung her in from the ceiling.

“Let me go! You’re abusing your power!” Dahlia kept on struggling. However, her wrist hurt more with each struggle.

“Abusing my power?” Travis laughed at her statement. “It seems like you haven’t got a hold of the situation. Now, your life is in my hands. I decide if you die or live. I’ll ask you one more time, where is Dustin?”

“I don’t know!” Dahlia shook her head stubbornly.

“Huh! I think you would only give up after facing death! Beat her up until she spills it!” Travis commanded.

A burly underling quickly came forward dragging a barbed whip.

“What are you doing? I… Dahlia’s face paled, and as she was about to say something, the whip landed hard on her back with a crack! With that crisp sound, her clothes tore, and a deep, bloody wound was left on her back.

Dahlia moaned and gritted her teeth, holding in pain.

What quickly followed were multiple whips. The blows landed on her one after another. Dahlia finally couldn’t hold it in and let out a scream. Her body was in such pain it started to tremble. Her pale and smooth back instantly became bruised and bloody!

This whip was a specially designed torture device covered with dense spikes. Even a man couldn’t endure a dozen lashes, let alone a woman.

“Spill!” Travis stood to her side and watched unfeelingly.

Dahlia bit her lip in pain. She was sweating profusely, but her eyes were set with determination. “Don’t stop! Hit harder!”

Travis was losing his temper with her and commanded his underlings to use more strength. As a result, the sounds of the whip and screams began to erupt one after another.

Chris couldn’t bear to watch on. He could only lower his head in silence.

Edward, on the other hand, had a disturbing smile on his face.

Chapter 55

After being subjected to the torture, Dahlia finally passed out.

Her back was bloody and horrific to look at. The fresh wounds were still bleeding profusely, her body still twitching uncontrollably even while she was passed out.

“General, she has lost consciousness!” one of his men reported.

“Wake her up and keep going.” Travis spat coldly.

“Uncle Travis, can I have a go?” Edward interjected eagerly. Ever since he was crippled, there had been a tremendous shift in his psychology. The more beautiful a woman was, the more he wanted to destroy her.

“If you want to, go ahead.” Travis nodded in approval.

“Thank you, Uncle Travis!” Edward grinned eerily.

Once Dahlia awakened, he wielded the whip in his hand and struck her.

“Tell me!”

“Just kill me!” Dahlia could no longer endure the pain. Her mind was at the end of its rope. Now, she could only hope they would put an end to her misery.

“Kill you? Not so fast! I haven’t even had enough!” Edward smiled sadistically and continued with the torture.

After a while, Dahlia, covered in bruises, fell into a coma again.

“General, the murderer hasn’t been revealed. If this continues, she will die soon,” the adjutant reminded.

“This woman is so stubborn!” Travis was impressed. This torture device was typically used to coerce confessions. People usually confessed to everything after three whips. Even specially trained forces would not be able to handle a dozen lashes.

Yet, this woman was able to withhold dozens of whips without revealing anything. Even he couldn’t help but be impressed.

“Hang her at the entrance as bait. Call off the surrounding guards and see if Dustin will come to rescue her.” Travis commanded.

“Yes, sir!” the adjutant answered and hung the unconscious Dahlia at the gates.

“Don’t you die on me! I’ll have my fun with you when I capture Dustin!” Edward licked the drops of blood at the corner of his mouth with a perverse smile.

Dustin had just finished his meal at the Peaceful Medical Center when he received a call.

It was Hunter Anderson, and he sounded like he was in a hurry.

“Mr. Rhys, I’ve received news that Ms. Nicholson has been arrested!”

“Arrested?” Dustin frowned.

“It’s Travis Spanner! He arrested Ms. Nicholson and her family for the crime of treason. They are receiving private punishment now!” Hunter explained.

Dustin’s face fell when he heard this. He knew very clearly what type of person Travis was. No ordinary person could bear the torture methods in the war zone!

“Where is Travis?” Dustin was very anxious.

“At the Spanner Villa. Mr. Rhys, Travis has set an ambush for you. You shouldn’t be too impulsive. Wait–

Before Hunter could finish, Dustin had already hung up the phone and rushed out.

When he arrived at Spanner Villa, he saw a woman hanging from the front of the villa doors.

The woman’s hair was disheveled, her clothes were torn, and blood trickled down her body. It was a horrible sight to behold.

Dustin’s eyes widened in shock when he realized the woman hanging there was Dahlia!

Dustin balled his hand into a fist. A murderous aura erupted from him. Suddenly, there was a gust of strong wind that sent the rocks flying. Even the surrounding temperature started to drop rapidly.

Dustin shot up and cut off the rope with one hand. He caught Dahlia, who was covered in blood, and landed gently on the ground.

At this moment, Dahlia had already passed out, and the wounds on her back were an unsightly mess.

The sight of those whip marks and wounds pierced Dustin’s heart like a sharp knife.

“Just kill me,” Dahlia mumbled unconsciously. She must have suffered a lot of pain to ask for death.

“I’m sorry.” Dustin’s hands were trembling. Tears pricked his eyes.

He knew that Dahlia was in this mess because of him. He dragged her into this.

“Haha! Dustin Rhys, you’re finally here!” Edward roared as he and his men walked out slowly.

“You did this?” Dustin raised his head slowly, his eyes fixed on the whip in Edward’s hands.

“So what? What can you do to me at this point?” Edward was not afraid at all.

Although his uncle had withdrawn half the troops, there were more than a dozen heavily armed elites ambushed around. Each of these men could defeat a hundred people. It would be easy to deal with this one man.

“Dustin, is it? Did you kill my brother, Trevor?” Travis asked.

“It was me.” Dustin answered plainly. As he spoke, his gaze was fixed on Edward.

“I’m glad that you admit it. Now, go pay for your sins before my brother’s coffin before I end your life,” Travis said coldly.

“Pay for my sins?” Dustin snorted coldly, “Even your superior, Adam Spanner, would not speak to me this way.

You’re nothing to me!”

“Hmm?” Travis raised an eyebrow.

Adam Spanner was the commanding general in the western army. He was also his superior. Only a handful of people know about his existence.

How had Dustin heard of him?

“You know Chief General Spanner?” Travis was slightly taken aback.

“I’ll give you a chance to take your own life out of respect for Adam. This way, your body might still be intact!” Dustin demanded.

“Keep my body intact?”

“Before Travis could respond, Edward guffawed loudly. “Are you out of your mind? Open your eyes and recognize your place in this world!”

As he spoke, the other hidden elites immediately revealed themselves. Each armed soldier looked very threatening and menacing.

However, Dustin didn’t even pay any attention to them. His eyes were focused on Edward as if he were already a dead man.

“His body could stay intact, but you would have nothing left but bones!” Then, Dustin immediately made his move.

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