Chapter 151 – 155

Chapter 151 – 155 An Understated Dominance

Chapter 151

Back at the Peaceful Medical Center, Dustin downed glass after glass of wine without stopping, trying to numb himself with alcohol.

Although he was expressionless, inwardly he couldn’t help feeling frustrated. Maybe he should finally let go of his past relationship and move on.

“Doctor! Doctor!”

Just as Dustin felt a little tipsy, a hurried knock was heard at the door. When he opened the doors, two beautiful young women were standing outside.

One of them was dressed completely in white and looked like an angel from heaven. The aura she gave off was pure and innocent.

The other woman was fully dressed in a black bodysuit that showed off her curves. She had prominent. features that made her appear tough and masculine.

However, she was bleeding profusely from the injury on her abdomen. Her face was drawn and pale from excessive blood loss.

“Excuse me, is the doctor in? My friend is severely injured and needs immediate treatment!” The woman in white said in distress.

“I am the doctor, come in.” Dustin showed them in.

“Thank you so much! Claudia, let’s go inside.” The woman replied gratefully and turned to her friend, the woman in black.

“Wait a minute! Sheila, I smell alcohol on him. He must be a drunkard, I don’t trust this guy! Claudia Doyle furrowed her brows.

“But you lost so much blood. If you don’t receive treatment as soon as possible, you might die!” Sheila Murray spoke with a worried expression.

“It’s fine, I can hang on a little longer until support arrives. Anyway, I’m not going to entrust my life into a drunkard’s hands!” Claudia gritted her teeth in determination.

Her injury wasn’t superficial. Even skilled doctors would have difficulty treating her injury, let alone a doctor who seemed to be drunk.

“Sorry to interrupt, but will the support you mentioned arrive within 30 minutes?” Dustin asked indifferently.

“It’s none of your business!” Claudia retorted.

“Alright then, just letting you know. According to experience, with the amount of blood you lost, you will be dead in 30 minutes.” Dustin gave Claudia a quick glance and came to a diagnosis.

“Nonsense! Do you think I will be convinced by your threats? I am well–acquainted with fraudsters like you!” Claudia hissed.

“It’s up to you to believe it or not. However, If you are going to die, don’t die at my doorstep. I don’t want to have to clean up your mess.” Dustin waved them away.

“You-!” Claudia’s body jerked suddenly as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Suit yourself.” Dustin decided to close the door on them.

“Wait! Please wait! Sir, I apologize on behalf of Claudia for being disrespectful. Please don’t hold it against her. However, you seem like a good person. I beg you, please save Claudia! We will definitely repay your kindness!” Sheila stopped Dustin from closing the door.

“Sheila, why are you begging him? Even if I die, I will not let him treat me!” Claudia said stubbornly.

“Lady, it’s not that I’m not willing to save her. She’s the one who refused to be treated by me. If she does survive this injury, you really need to get her brain checked. Maybe that’s why she’s being so retarded.” Dustin shook his head.

“You bastard!” Claudia clenched her jaw in anger. She tried to stand up to give Dustin a piece of her mind when she suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground in a heap.

She might have fainted from Dustin’s provocation instead of from her injuries.

“Claudia!” Sheila anxiously tried to pull Claudia up from the ground, but she did not have the strength.

She turned to Dustin and pleaded, “Please help Claudia, I’m begging you! I have the money to repay you. As long as you are willing to save her, I’ll give you anything you ask for!”

Tears ran down her cheeks. Sheila was a pitiable sight.

Dustin was weak to a woman’s tears. He sighed and nodded. “Alright, on account of your sincerity, I’ll save her this time around.”

He grabbed Claudia’s collar, lifted her like a sack of potatoes, and carelessly chucked her onto the bed. Sheila suspected that Dustin was paying Claudia back for her insolence earlier.

“Miss. take off her clothes. I will stop the bleeding.” Dustin instructed her.

Sheila nodded eagerly. “Okay!”

In a few minutes, she had undressed Claudia, exposing her body completely. Dustin turned back and had the shock of his life.

“Miss, I didn’t mean for you to strip her naked. At least keep her underwear and bra on!”

“Huh?” Sheila blushed beet red and quickly put Claudia’s underwear back on.

She was too anxious just now and misunderstood Dustin’s Instructions. Thank goodness Claudia was unconscious. It would have been extremely awkward if she weren’t.

Dustin breathed a sigh of relief. Although he briefly caught sight of Claudia’s figure, It was obvious that the woman lying on the bed had a curvaceous body.

The superficial wound on Claudia’s abdomen wasn’t too serious. Dustin sewed her up and dressed the wound to prevent more blood loss.

For her internal injuries, medication would be needed.

“Alright, she is out of danger now. I’ll give her a prescription, and she’ll be fine after a few days,” Dustin said as he quickly wrote out a prescription for Claudia.

“Thank you so much!” Sheila replied gratefully.

As Dustin handed the prescription to Sheila, he accidentally touched her hand.

He raised his eyebrows. “Miss, your condition seems to be worse than your friend’s!”

“I’m fine, it’s just a chronic illness.” Sheila smiled wryly.

Since she was young, she had always suffered from the cold. For her illness, she was accustomed to taking multiple medications a day.

“You–” Dustin was going to probe further before Sheila got distracted by Claudia, who was regaining consciousness.

“Claudia, are you awake? How are you feeling?” Sheila asked, delighted at her unexpected recovery.

“Sheila? Where am I?” Claudia looked around suspiciously.

“This man saved you, he is a skilled doctor. With just a few stitches, your wounds had stopped bleeding!” Sheila gushed.

“No one asked for his help!” Taking a look at her bandages, Claudia muttered under her breath.

“Claudia! He saved you out of kindness, how could you be so rude?” Sheila said, annoyed.

“Sheila, you’re too naive. There is no knowing what is in a man’s heart. Many things are not what they seem. Who knows, maybe he saved me with an ulterior motive!” Claudia said cynically.

“You’re mistaken. I believe he is a good person!” Sheila was obstinate.

“Miss, your words are like music to my ears. Unlike some, who have no sense of gratitude.” Dustin said sarcastically.

Claudia opened her mouth to retort before she was interrupted by the ruckus outside. Loud stomping and gruff voices could be heard on the other side of the door.

“Boss, their tracks end right here. They must be hiding inside!”

“I’ll teach them to run from me! Boys! Surround the medical center. Make sure that even a bug can’t escape!”

The doors of the center were violently busted open.

Chapter 152

A resounding crash was heard as the doors to the center were busted open.

Without hesitation, seven masked assassins swarmed Into the center.

“Shit! They caught up to us!” Claudia cursed.

They were ambushed by these assassins, who wiped out their team of bodyguards.

Only Claudia and Sheila managed to break through the siege and escape. Claudia thought that they had shaken off the pursuit. Unfortunately, the assassins were relentless.

“Sheila, I’ll hold them back. You have to escape through the back door!” Claudia whispered.

“If I escape, you will definitely be killed, I am their target, so they will not hurt me. I’ll let them take me as a hostage.” Sheila’s face was pale.

“Sheila! As your personal bodyguard, my duty is to ensure your safety. Listen to me!” Claudia stood in front of Sheila resolutely, protecting her.

“There’s no need to argue. We will be taking the both of you!” A bald man laughed evilly as he walked in.

Unlike the other assassins, this man wasn’t masked and emitted a murderous aura.

“Thor Garcia?” Claudia’s eyes narrowed.

Thor Garcia was one of the Four Scoundrels, infamous for conducting illegal raids and providing hitmen services in exchange for money. They were excellent martial artists and money–grubbing lunatics. Their names struck fear into everyone who heard of their reputation.

“Oh, my! What an honor for Ms. Doyle to recognize me!” The bald man said with a mocking smile.

“Thor Garcia! Regardless of how much you were compensated for this assignment, I will double it if you let us go!” Claudia offered.

“Ms. Doyle, I may love money, but I’m more interested in your value. As long as I capture both of you, money will naturally roll in!” Thor laughed,

“There will be terrible consequences if you harm us in any way!” Claudia warned him again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to harm both of you. I just need your identities for a deal. It would be better for you not to retaliate. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee your safety. Get them!”

Thor smirked and gestured to his men. The assassins behind him leaped forward to capture them.

“Sheila, run!” Claudia shouted as she rushed forward, ignoring her weakened condition.

Her movements were quick as lightning, and her attacks were ruthless. Even though she was severely injured. she single–handedly fought against the group of assassins. It was obvious that her skills were top–notch as she put up a good fight.

“Having such formidable internal energy at such a young age, It is no wonder that you are from a martial arts family. I’m envious of your natural talents. However, it’s a shame that you’re still lacking in terms of experience.” Thor narrowed his eyes.

When Claudia was distracted by the assassins, Thor saw an opening and sneakily attacked her from behind.

Blood spurted out from her mouth as she was thrown backward and crashed against a table.

“Claudia!” Sheila cried.

“That’s a despicable move!” Claudia gritted her teeth and glared at Thor.

“Despicable or not, it doesn’t matter when I am the last person standing.” Thor scoffed, without an ounce of shame.

“Wait a minute! I’m your real target, aren’t I? I’ll go with you! However, you must let Claudia and that man go!” Sheila spread her arms wide with her back towards Claudia.

“Ms. Murray, you are in no position to negotiate with us.” Thor laughed.

“If you refuse, I’ll kill myself! Then, you will have nothing to show for your efforts!” Suddenly, Sheila pressed a knife to her neck. The determination in her eyes was blazing as she glared at Thor.

“Stop, Ms. Murray! Don’t be so reckless!” Thor was caught by surprise.

This young lady was precious cargo. If any harm came to her, he would be in huge trouble!

“I’ll repeat myself. Will you agree to let them go?” Sheila increased the pressure on the knife, and a trickle of blood flowed down her neck.

“Alright, alright! I’ll do what you say! As long as you leave quietly with us. I’ll let them go!” Thor nodded hastily.

“Sheila, stop it! What are you doing?” Claudia screamed. She scrambled to stand up but failed due to her severe injuries.

“Claudia, this is the best solution right now. You need to stay alive. Besides, they won’t hurt me.” Sheila squeezed out a forced smile. She knew what they were here for. At the very least, she wouldn’t be in immediate danger.

“Ms. Murray, time is running out. Let’s get moving!” Thor showed her to the doors.

Holding the knife to her neck, Sheila walked in silence. The assassins were lined up in two rows as they eyed her fiercely.

“Stop right there! Are you going to leave just like that?” Dustin, who had remained silent all this while, spoke up.
“What? Are you trying to be a hero?” Thor turned to him and growled. Anyone who tried to stop him would be beaten into a pulp until he begged for mercy!

“You kicked my doors down, destroyed my fumiture, and now you are leaving without any compensation? How shameless could you be?” Dustin said nonchalantly.

Everyone was dumbstruck at his request. No one expected Dustin to ask for compensation at this juncture.

“Punk! Are you fucking kidding me? How dare you ask for compensation? Don’t you know who I am?” Thor cackled.

“I don’t care who you are. Even if the emperor himself turns up, no one is allowed to leave without paying!” Dustin demanded.

Thor and his men roared with laughter at Dustin, thinking that he had lost his mind.

“Stop talking any further! You are no match for these men!” Sheila motioned to Dustin.

“Do you have a death wish? These men will murder you without a second thought. How dare you ask them for money?” Claudia frowned.

Did this man have a screw loose? Wasn’t he aware of how dangerous a situation he was in?

“Murder? Shouldn’t they pay up for causing damage to the property regardless?” Dustin reasoned.

“You-!” Claudia choked on her saliva.

What nonsense was this man spouting? She just told him that Thor was a heartless murderer.

How could this man be so persistent about getting compensated?

Was it worth it to lose his life over mere pennies?

Chapter 153

After catching his breath, Thor wheezed. “Punk, you have some guts! It’s been a long time since I last saw a reckless fellow like you!”

“Shut up and pay up already!” Dustin demanded impatiently.

His mood was already ruined. These men needed to be taught a lesson for creating a mess on his property.

“You really have a death wish! Boys, break his limbs! Let’s see whether he dares to talk back after this!” Thor smirked and gestured to his men.

“Yes, boss!” Without a second thought, the assassins swung their weapons at Dustin, with the intent to harm him.

“Hey! You said you would let him go!” Sheila shrieked.

“Ms. Murray, I did agree to not kill him. However, he seems to be dissatisfied with us. It would be rude to not teach him a lesson!” Thor had a cunning smile on his face.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by the cries of pain from the assassins.

Before the assassins could rush up to Dustin, they fell over one by one, as if they had been struck by lightning. All of the assassins were paralyzed and unable to move.

After careful inspection, Thor realized that there were silver needles pierced into their necks!

“How could this be?” Thor’s lips trembled as a chill ran down his spine.

He knew what these silver needles were used for. They could be used for acupuncture or as a hidden weapon.

However, he had never seen a technique where multiple hidden needles could be simultaneously shot at the same time.

“How could this guy execute stealth attacks with hidden needles?” Claudia was secretly shocked as well.

Needles were one of the hardest weapons to master, compared to other hidden weapons. Not only did it require deadly accuracy, but perfecting its technique required persistent and grueling training.

“Punk! Who the hell are you? How dare you poke your nose into my business?” Thor narrowed his eyes as he drew his sword.

“Give me my compensation,” Dustin insisted stubbornly.

“Bastard!” Thor was furious.

Without warning, he threw a fistful of dust into Dustin’s eyes. After that, he pulled out his sword and rushed toward Dustin, using the dust as a smokescreen.

Thor had used this tactic many times. When his opponent was taken by surprise, he would stab them with his sword. Stronger men than himself had fallen for this sneak attack.

However, Dustin did not dodge. With a wave of his hand, the dust cleared Immediately.

Dustin flicked two needles from his fingers, which flew swiftly and pierced into Thor’s knees, causing him to scream in pain.

Thor’s legs crumpled from under him, and he crashed to his knees. His heavy sword fell to the ground with a clang.

“H–How could this be?” Thor widened his eyes in horror.

How could Dustin’s aim be so accurate when the dust was obstructing his vision? What’s more, his legs became as heavy as lead after Dustin attacked him with needles.

“The only skills you have are the tricks up your sleeve. Your fighting abilities, on the other hand, aren’t that impressive.” Dustin remarked condescendingly.

An oppressive aura pressed on Thor’s body as he gasped for air, cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Don’t be reckless! I have nothing against you, there’s no need for you to kill me!” Thor pleaded for his life.

He thought that he had a perfect plan in place. Who would have expected a troublemaker to turn up and make everything go awry?

“I didn’t have anything against you before this, but now I have,” Dustin said as he inserted another needle into Thor’s neck. With a jerk, Thor’s limbs were paralyzed.

Inside Thor’s sleeve, there was a poisonous arrow that shone with an eerie light. Thor had planned to attack Dustin with that arrow!

“Miss, you can deal with these men. Do whatever you want with them!” Dustin patted the dust from his clothes and sat down on a chair nearby. This young lady had a good heart, so he didn’t mind extending a helping hand.

“Wow, you’re an amazing fighter!” Sheila exclaimed with delight. She had almost lost hope.

Who knew that the doctor of this medical center was also a master of hidden weapons? He single–handedly finished off all the assassins!

“What’s so great about using hidden weapons? There’s no honor in stealth attacks!” Claudia scoffed.

Being born into a family of martial artists, she had no respect for people who engaged in sneak attacks and underhanded methods.

To be fair, she was a victim of Thor’s sneak attack which caused her to be severely injured. As Claudia thought of this, anger burned within her.

Claudia picked up the sword from the ground and held it to Thor’s neck. “Speak! Who sent you?”

“I don’t know. Being a hitman, I am employed to kill, steal, and destroy. As long as they pay up, we don’t care for whom we work,” Thor replied with difficulty.

“How dare you lie to me!” Claudia sliced the tendons on his arms and legs.

Thor screamed in agony, large beads of sweat rolling down his face. “I…I really don’t know. In terms of business deals, I receive instructions from a superior. I’m just following orders!”

“You are making things difficult for me. I have little patience. If you make me wait any longer, say goodbye to your jewels.” Claudia placed the sword at Thor’s crotch.

“Please don’t! I’ll tell you everything!” Thor screamed as he grimaced in pain.

“The person who employed us to kidnap Ms. Murray is…” Before Thor could finish the sentence, he suddenly convulsed on the spot, spitting out blood that was black in color.

After a few seconds, he was as dead as a doornail.

“Is he dead?” Claudia was taken aback by the strange occurrence.

Wasn’t he fine just a minute ago? How could he die so suddenly?

While she mused over his death, Thor’s abdomen visibly swelled up.

Something seemed to be crawling under the surface of his skin.

A spider emerged from his belly button, followed by a whole swarm of spiders, crawling all over Thor’s lifeless body.

It was a revolting sight to see.

“What are all these spiders doing inside his body?” Sheila staggered backward in shock.

At that moment, Dustin smirked. “Interesting. Having the ability to activate venomous curses from afar, the person who employed Thor to kidnap you must be very powerful!”

Chapter 154

“Venomous curses? How could you be certain? Are you familiar with curses?” Claudia asked, puzzled.

“I know a little.” Dustin nodded.

“Only shady, wicked characters would learn the art of venomous curses. As expected, you are not a good person! Speak up, who are you?” Claudia lifted the sword and pointed it at Dustin.

“Claudia! What are you doing? He is our savior!” Sheila quickly stood in front of Dustin to protect him.

“Sheila, get out of the way. This man is being suspicious. I must investigate him thoroughly.” Claudia’s eyes glittered.

“Before you investigate me, I recommend that you get your head checked.” Dustin rubbed his temples.

“Don’t you know that curses can be used to heal? Of course, many nefarious villains use curses for their own benefit. However, not everyone is as bad as you imagine. It depends on the user’s character. Besides, the martial arts families aren’t as innocent as you make them out to be. Crimes such as pillaging, corruption, and rape are rampant within the martial arts circle as well!”

“Don’t spout nonsense! In my opinion, you are just quibbling!” Claudia denied.

“Quibbling? Look at what you are doing now. Do martial artists like you treat their saviors in such a disrespectful manner? Are you going to bite the hand that fed you?” Dustin chuckled.

“You…” Claudia was at a loss for words.

“Claudia, stop accusing him! If he is really a bad person, why would he save us?” Sheila frowned.

“Who knows, maybe he has an ulterior motive!” Claudia insisted.

However, her tone was much softer now that she had calmed down. She knew for a fact that logic wasn’t on her side.

Suddenly, a loud car horn was heard outside the medical center. More than 10 Hummer vehicles stopped outside the doors of the medical center.

As the car doors opened, a swarm of bodyguards appeared and surrounded the center immediately.

“Finally, the support team is here!” Sheila laughed with delight.

“Sheila! Claudia! Are you alright?” A handsome young man stepped into the room.

He was tall and well–built, with a sharp gaze. His noble aura was not that of an ordinary person.

“We are fine, thanks to this man who saved us,” Shella replied cheerfully.

“Oh, really? Sheila, you can only know a man’s face but not his heart. You should stay away from any. strangers when you are out and about.” Xavier Horst sized Dustin up, his gaze was Judgmental.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Sheila frowned.

“Nothing, I’m just giving you some advice,” Xavier said with a smile.

He motioned to his men to clean up the scene.

“Sheila, let’s not waste any time. We should head back home immediately. Aunt Lily is waiting for us,” Claudia urged.

Although the support team had arrived, this place wasn’t completely safe.

“Thank you so much for your help, I’ll be sure to repay your kindness. Goodbye for now,” Sheila thanked Dustin warmly and turned to leave.

“Miss, your chronic illness has been suppressed for a long time, it might get out of control soon. You should get it treated early to prevent any life–threatening complications.” Dustin blurted out.

When he touched her skin, he noticed that her body temperature was lower than normal. Upon closer inspection, he could roughly infer that the illness troubling her wasn’t a common ailment.

“Hmph! Nonsense!” Claudia curled her lip in disbelief.

“Thank you, I will be more careful!” Sheila smiled brightly and waved goodbye.

Xavier felt a little jealous when he noticed Sheila being so friendly to Dustin.

After Sheila got into the car, he glared at Dustin. “A word of advice for you, punk. Stay away from Sheila if you know what’s good for you! Otherwise, be prepared for the consequences!”

With that, he strode out of the center. In his opinion, beggars like Dustin did not even have the right to converse with him.

“What a lunatic.” Dustin shook his head and continued drowning himself in alcohol.

Evening, at Fallridge Haven.

Sheila was eating her dinner while telling her parents everything that had happened.

“Dad, Mom, I’m telling you, that man was so amazing. Just two flicks of his wrist, and all the bad guys were killed!” Sheila described the situation eagerly.

She even acted out a scene for her parents.

“Really? I never thought that a small place like Swinton would have such a talented young man. I would like to meet him one day.” Her mother, Lily Doyle, smiled affectionately at her daughter.

Her father, Caden Murray, banged on the table. “Hmph! How dare you disobey me! Haven’t I warned you? Do not go out and explore without permission! You were lucky that nothing terrible had happened.

If you weren’t, you could have died today!”

“Dad, it’s just an accident. Those bad people were too sneaky. They poisoned and attacked us when we weren’t prepared, and that’s why Claudia fell into their trap. Otherwise, no one could have hurt me!” Sheila pouted.

“In the martial arts world, winning is everything. No one cares about honor in combat! Anyway, you are not allowed to leave Fallridge Haven without permission!” Caden continued in annoyance.

“Alright, alright. I won’t go out anymore. Please don’t be angry at me!” Sheila pouted coquettishly.

“That’s more like it. I had enough of you today, now go and lie down on your emerald bed. You need more rest!” Caden ordered.

“Okay.” Without another word, Sheila quickly left and ran to her room.

‘Because of her illness, she and her parents would travel to Fallridge Haven every year to regain her health. Once her condition improved, they would only leave.

“Lily, when will the Gozoraberry arrive from Stoneray Valley?” Caden spoke up.

“I think it will arrive soon. Why do you ask? Is it urgent?” Lily replied.

“Sheila’s illness has been acting up more frequently. The sunburst emerald bed at Fallridge Haven seems to be not having as much of an effect these days. We have to think of other solutions,” Caden said gravely.

“How could this be? Isn’t she getting better?” Lily frowned.

“Don’t worry too much about it. I have asked Malcolm Shane, the miracle doctor, to have a look at

Sheila’s condition. Once he arrives, he will definitely have some idea on how to treat her illness.” Caden forced a smile.

“Let’s hope so.” Lily nodded thoughtfully.

Her daughter’s rare disease had been troubling her all her life and seemed to be incurable. She hoped that this tíme, her daughter could be fully healed.

Chapter 155

The next morning, Dustin was awakened by someone knocking on his door. He opened the door to see Hunter at his door.

“Mr. Anderson, what brings you here so early in the morning?” Dustin yawned.

“Good news, Mr. Rhys!” Hunter exclaimed with excitement. “The rare herb that you’re looking for, the Gozoraberry, I know where we can find it!”

“Gozoraberry? Are you sure?” Dustin’s interest was piqued.

The Gozoraberry was rare and hard to come by. As with all other rare herbs, it was invaluable. If he could get his hands on the Gozoraberry, then he would only need three more precious herbs to make the Longevitum!

“Of course, I’m sure! The Gozoraberry used to be a treasure from Stoneray Valley, but recently, someone bought it at an exorbitant price. And that person happens to be staying at Fallridge Haven!” Hunter nodded.

“Oh? Who is it?” Dustin raised a brow.

“It’s Caden Murray!” Hunter said.

“Caden Murray? What does he need the Gozoraberry for?” Dustin’s eyes narrowed. He had never met Caden, but he used to have some connections with the Murrays.

“I heard that his daughter has some sort of disease, and he needs the Gozoraberry to cure her of that.”

“His daughter… Is it Sheila Murray?”

“Oh, you know Miss Murray?” Hunter was a little surprised.

“I guess so. I just met her yesterday.” Dustin nodded.

“Mr. Rhys, how do you think we should go about this?” Hunter inquired.

“I absolutely need to get my hands on the Gozoraberry. I guess we have no choice but to make a trip to Fallridge Haven today!” Without any time to waste, Dustin got himself ready and got into Hunter’s car.

The Gozoraberry was very important to him, and those precious herbs were usually hard to come by. If this berry passed him by, he knew he would never come across another.

Hence, he had to act on it right then and there.

30 minutes later, Dustin found himself in a lounge in Fallridge Haven.

Caden Murray was seated in the middle of the lounge, and he looked down his nose at Dustin and Hunter. As he had long been in a position of power, he carried an intangible air of authority about him. Even a person like Hunter, who had been through a lot, could not help feeling a sense of inferiority.

The Murrays were a family with a military background. Caden’s father, Christopher Murray, was a general who had fought in numerous battles and had a myriad of meritorious achievements.

As his first–born son, Caden was also a high–ranking military officer who was of great influence in the army.

“Mr. Anderson, what is the purpose of your visit today?” Caden asked.

“Mr. Caden, to be honest, we are here for the Gozoraberry.” Hunter did not beat around the bush.

“The Gozoraberry? Mr. Anderson, seems like you are very well–informed on the matter. But I have a use for the Gozoraberry, so I’m afraid I can’t help you.” Caden lifted his gaze.

“If you are planning to use the Gozoraberry to cure your daughter of the disease, I think that it would not be necessary, as the Gozoraberry is merely a temporary remedy that will not completely cure her of it. It would not be of much help,” Dustin stated bluntly.

“What? And who might you be? It’s not your turn to speak here.” Caden glowered at him.

“Mr. Murray, this is Dustin Rhys, he’s a friend of mine. He saved your daughter yesterday,” Hunter hurriedly explained.

“Oh, so you were the one who helped Sheila yesterday?” Caden’s expression eased up.

“Name it, what are you asking for as compensation? Money? Or goods?” In his eyes, Dustin was clearly here to ask for something in return.

Of course, the Murrays‘ had money to spare, so he wasn’t very bothered by it.

“I want the Gozoraberry.” Dustin cut straight to the chase.

Caden made a face when he heard that. “Young man, if it were riches or jewelry that you were asking for, I would agree to it in a heartbeat, but the Gozoraberry is the one thing that I cannot give you. I need it to cure. my daughter of a disease!”

“I just told you that the Gozoraberry would not be able to cure Sheila of her disease. However, I am able to do just that,” Dustin promised.

“You can cure her? And why should I trust you?” Dustin was starting to get on Caden’s nerves.

This rascal did not know his place. Did he think he could do as he pleased, just because he had saved his daughter once?

“Has your daughter been suffering from chills ever since she was young, and does she get a terrible bout of viral infection every month or so?”

“So what if she does?” Caden raised his brows.

“That’s because Sheila has Polarfrost. Over the years, a venom called Havaska has formed within her body, and the venom can only be temporarily suppressed by medication. However, that will not eradicate the disease from within her. To do so, we will need to take a different approach by improving her circulation and thus raising her metabolism,” Dustin expounded.

“Hah! Utter rubbish! Polarfrost? That sounds downright ridiculous, and I’ve never even heard of it before!” Caden roared, upset.

“It doesn’t matter that you’ve never heard of It before. Just let me meet Shella and I can prove my point,” Dustin requested.

“That would not be necessary. I can handle my daughter’s situation myself. I do not need any help. Please, show yourself out!” Caden ordered.

Wasn’t it just plain absurd for a random fellow to just show up out of nowhere and claim that he was able to cure his daughter of a disease that had plagued her for over 20 years?

And what’s more, it was a disease that even the top medical experts in the nation were helpless against. What made this young man think that he would be able to eradicate it?

“Mr. Murray, it would not do Sheila any good to wait any longer. I hope you will consider my proposition,”

Dustin reminded him.

“Get out!” Caden slammed his fist on the table, enraged.

“Since you do not trust me, Mr. Murray, then I’ll be taking my leave. Right, I have a pill with me here. You can give this to Sheila when the virus attacks again. It will keep her safe for the time being.” And with that, Dustin took out a red pill and placed it on the table before he turned to leave.

He knew that no matter what he said, he would not be able to change Caden’s mind, because it was impossible for a person of his status to easily trust someone whom he knew nothing about.

“Mr. Murray, Mr. Rhys here is not an ordinary person. I wish you all the best.” With a slight nod of his head, Hunter turned to leave too.

“Hmph! They have no idea what they’re rambling on about!” Caden’s expression was one of disdain.

How dare an insolent young man run his mouth in front of him? How pompous!

“Caden, who were those two gentlemen?” Lily Doyle walked out from behind.

“Nobody. Just two annoying rascals who are not worth our time,” Caden answered offhandedly.

“Can this pill really cure Sheila of the disease?” Lily picked up the red pill from the table and studied it meticulously. She heard what Dustin had said before he left and couldn’t help feeling curious.

“Hah! That’s rubbish. Just throw it away.” Caden dismissed it with a wave of his hand. He refused to believe that a single pill would be able to save anyone.

Just as they were conversing, a member of the house staff came running in and exclaimed in a fluster, “Sir, Ma’am, come quick! It’s Miss Sheila! She just passed out!”

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