Chapter 166 – 170

Chapter 166 – 170 An Understated Dominance

Chapter 166

Malcolm was surprised that Natasha actually accepted the needles so readily. Was she not going to at least act modest by declining his offer?

“Before I forget, Dr. Shane, since you have a keen eye for valuables. I have something I’d like you to help me evaluate.” Natasha requested after accepting the golden needles.

“Oh? What is it? Please let me have a look,” Malcolm said confidently.

 “Here.” Natasha showed him a green pill.

Malcolm took the pill from her and nodded with satisfaction after having a good look at it. “This crystal clear pill has a bright luster to it, and it gives off a distinct fragrance. From the looks of it, it’s quite remarkable!”

“What good judgment, Dr. Shane!” Natasha gave him a thumbs up.

“This pill is called Immortunol. It can enhance a person’s beauty, promote longevity, and has anti–aging effects. If you’re not worried that we’ve spiked it, you may give it a try, Dr. Shane.”

“So what if it’s spiked? What fear have I of poison?” Malcolm smiled proudly and swallowed the Immortunol right then and there.

The moment he popped it in, he felt a cool and refreshing sensation enter his bloodstream, reaching his limbs.

For a moment, Malcolm felt a charge running through him. He was instantly rejuvenated as an inexplicable sense of clarity washed through his entire being.

The palpable feeling that all his exhaustion had been swept away caused him to feel much more energized.

And most importantly, it was not just a momentary sensation. After the medical constituents entered his bloodstream, they continued to fuel him with vitality.

He was sure that if the pill was taken for an extended period, it would significantly transform a person.

“Brilliant! This is downright brilliant! It’s a treasure in itself!” When he perceived just how exceptional Immortunol was, he had nothing but praise for it.

“Young lady, where did you get this Immortunol from? Do you have more of it? Would it be possible for you to sell me a few?” Malcolm’s eyes lit up.

He rarely got so worked up over things, but he really could not hold back his excitement. The effects he experienced from taking Immortunol were too amazing!

Even the Vitalitum that Dr. Watkins gave him could not compare to this precious pill!

“Dr. Shane, Immortunol is still in the production stage. We’re not ready to sell it to the public yet, but if you like it, I can give you some.” Natasha smiled.

“Hahaha! What a generous young lady! If you don’t mind me asking, who is the genius who produced.

Immortunol? I would really appreciate it if you could introduce me to him.” Malcolm beamed happily.

“Dr. Shane, the brain behind it all is right in front of you.” Natasha smiled suggestively.

“Do you mean, Mr. Rhys is the one who produced Immortunol?” Malcolm’s eyes widened.

It was important to note that healing skills and producing pharmaceutical products were two different skill sets.

Though they might look like branches from a similar field of study, the fact was that there was a world of difference between the two.

Being adept in medical skills didn’t guarantee that one had the skills to produce medicine, and vice versa.

His difference in expertise from Dr. Watkins was the greatest example of that. He was proficient in medical skills, whereas Dr. Watkins was adroit in producing medicine.

It was extremely rare to find someone who was seasoned in both fields, and all the existing masters were at least in their seventies.

To have a youngster in his twenties be so skilled in both fields was unheard of. It was unimaginable!

“I just lucked out and found a prescription formula, that’s all.” Dustin smiled.

“You’re being too modest, Mr. Rhys. Even with a prescription formula, it would be no easy feat to produce.such superb medicine. You have exceptional talent, Mr. Rhys! It’s an honor to have met you today, and I’m deeply impressed!” At that, Malcolm bowed deeply to Dustin.

He was so skilled in both treating patients and producing medicine at such a young age. He was truly a genius!

“You flatter me, Dr. Shane.” Dustin immediately reached out to hold him up.

“I wonder if you’d be interested to collaborate with us. Dr. Shane?” Natasha asked out of the blue.

“Collaborate? How so?” Malcolm’s curiosity was piqued.

“You’re a giant in the medical profession, and that makes you a symbol of authority. If you’d be willing to promote Immortunol, I’m sure that it would boost sales.” Natasha explained with a smile.

Malcolm had connections, and he was also a person of high importance in the medical industry. To have someone like him endorsing Immortunol would guarantee a steady stream of high–ranking officials and nobility chasing after it.

“You really have a mind for business, young lady. But tell me, why should I agree to it?” Malcolm wasn’t one to be fooled.

“As long as you agree to it, not only will we give you Immortunol for free year–round, but you will also get priority supply to it. You’ve just had a taste of it, you should know very well how effective it is. You’d be saving a lot of lives by agreeing to it. This is an incredibly meritorious and beneficial deed! As someone of your high moral standing and reputation, surely you wouldn’t want such a precious treasure to go unnoticed, am I right?” Natasha coaxed persuasively.

“It really does sound like a good deal. Alright, I’ll work with you just this once then.” Malcolm nodded. thoughtfully.

After all, he had received the ancient manuscript from Dustin. This was the least he could do to repay him.

“Thank you, Dr. Shane! We appreciate it. Oh, Immortunol will be officially launched in two days. Please come and give us some moral support then!” Natasha smiled.

“Sure!” Malcolm agreed heartily, unaware that he had agreed to something that he might regret in the future.

Over in a mansion with a lake view.

“How is it, Mr. Wangley? Do we have the results yet?” Quentin stood up to welcome the white–browed man.

He had lost sleep for the past two days because of Eternumax. After much consideration, the best way out was to join forces with the Hummers‘.

“Mr. Harmon, Sir Hummer has agreed to join forces, but only under one condition.” The old man picked up a cup of tea and drank it hastily.

“What condition?” Quentin asked impatiently.

“Sir Hummer hopes that you’ll take this opportunity to put pressure on Natasha from all sides and force her to step down from her position,” Mr. Wangley explained.

“Hahaha! That is exactly what I intend to do!” Quentin laughed aloud.

He had always been overshadowed by Natasha, ever since they were children, so the family had never placed any importance on him.

Now that Eternumax had been lost, the family bore their grudges. If he grabbed hold of this opportunity to recover the family’s losses and prove his worth, there was a high chance that he might take over Natasha’s position!

“Mr. Harmon, the Hummers‘ have agreed to join forces, but we still need money to buy Eternumax. How many boxes are you planning to purchase?” Mr. Wangley queried.

“The more the better, of course! Put in all the money we have on hand, and if that’s not enough, then go around and borrow some more!” Quentin decided boldly.

“Isn’t that a little too risky?” Mr. Wangley doubted his decision.

“How is it risky? We have the market research report for Eternumax, and it shows very promising results! Countless millionaires are after it. So if we stock up on it now and sell it at a high price in the future, we’ll surely make a huge profit!” Quentin laughed exuberantly.

The return will always be proportionate to the investment made.

By then, his worth would have increased ten to twentyfold. Wouldn’t he be the one to call the shots in the family?

Even Natasha Harmon would have to submit to him then!

Chapter 167

Two days later, the Hummers‘ held the official press conference for the launch of Eternumax at the Hillview Hotel.

News about it had spread for several days, and with the Hummers‘ unceasing effort to promote it, there was a great deal of discussion surrounding it. Such an amazing drug with beautifying properties that could also improve longevity drew the attention of countless people.

So the press conference, which was grandly decorated, bustled with activity. There was a never–ending stream of guests that made their way in.

Right around noon, a silver Bentley pulled up at the entrance of the Hillview Hotel. When the car door opened. Natasha slowly made her way out of the car, her arms around Dustin’s.

As always, she was the center of attention wherever she went. It was hard for anyone to take their eyes off her shapely figure and alluring face.

Dustin, who was clad in a three–piece suit, seemed to have gone through a thorough makeover. He looked handsome and suave, and carried himself with great poise.

“Natasha, why are you here?” Quentin and Mr. Wangley caught sight of them and approached.

“If you can be here, then so can I.” Natasha answered nonchalantly.

“We’re here because we received an invitation from Sir Hummer. Did you receive an invitation too?” Quentin asked with a faint, sardonic smile.

Of course, he knew that Edwin would never have given Natasha an invitation.

“I’m not here for Edwin’s press conference, so naturally, I do not need an invitation.” Natasha shrugged.

“If you’re not here for the press conference, then why are you here?” Quentin didn’t quite get the idea.

“Oh, it totally slipped my mind to inform you that I’m having a press conference for a new drug launch today too. Same day and location as Edwin Hummer’s, but his is on Basement Level 3, while mine’s on the third floor. I’ve made sure to steer clear of him.” Natasha dropped the shocking news on him.

“What? You’re having a press conference too?” Quentin was startled.

He had sent men to keep an eye on Natasha for the past few days, and they had not reported any action on her end.

Why was she suddenly having a press conference? And at the same date and location as Edwin’s! Was that not a blatant sign of provocation?

“Natasha Harmon! What exactly are you up to? You have nothing to your name, so where on earth do you get your courage to challenge Edwin Hummer?” Quentin was equally shocked and suspicious.

“This isn’t something that you should be worried about, Quentin. If you’ve got time to spare, you should consider more for yourself,” Natasha said casually.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Quentin frowned.

“I heard that you’ve purchased Eternumax in bulk, and plan to resell it at a higher price to earn some quick cash?” Natasha asked.

“So what if I have? You can’t forbid me from making money just because you refuse to do so!” Quentin argued.

“Just because we’re from the same family, I’d advise you to do yourself a favor and sell off those Eternumax at a low price before the press conference starts. If you don’t, you’ll lose everything you have before you even know it!” Natasha smiled profoundly.

“Utter nonsense! Eternumax is selling like hotcakes right now! There are a whole lot of people out there who are willing to pay good money for it and yet are unable to get their hands on them! I think that’s just your jealousy talking!” Quentin scoffed.

“It’s up to you to heed my advice.” Natasha couldn’t be bothered to tell him more. She hooked her arm around Dustin’s, and they both made their way into the hotel.

“Hmph! She really doesn’t know where she stands!” Quentin sneered as he watched them leave. From the way he saw it, Natasha was simply trying to complicate the situation in a final attempt to save herself.

As time went on, more and more people of the elite class entered Hillview Hotel. The Hummer’s press conference was filled with distinguished guests and was brimming with activity and excitement.

The Harmons‘ press conference, however, painted a completely different picture. It was one of desolation and emptiness, with hardly any attendees. Apart from the staff and several bodyguards, there was basically no one else present.

But Natasha wasn’t bothered by the low turn–up. She sat there with Dustin, leisurely sipping on wine.

“Natasha! What are you up to?” Two people rushed in. It was Jessica and Ruth.

“Why would you hold a press conference so suddenly without any prior preparation! Are you messing around?” Jessica demanded the moment she walked in.

“I know what I’m doing.” Natasha said calmly.

“You know what you’re doing? What do you mean you know what you’re doing? Have you seen the Hummers‘ press conference? The place is jam–packed with people! And look at what you have here? Not a person in sight! If word got out about this, what would people out there think about us Harmons?” Jessica exclaimed out of frustration.

Not only was the prescription formula for Eternumax stolen, but Natasha was also publicly challenging the Hummers at such a critical moment when she should have kept a low profile and laid low for the time being!

Wasn’t she just inviting humiliation upon herself? How ridiculous!

“Natasha, I don’t get it. You have always been one to make plans in advance and are always in control of the situation, why have you made such a foolish move today?” Ruth was puzzled.

Since they had Immortunol, all Natasha needed to do was advertise and give it some publicity, and they would easily be able to go against the Hummers!

So out of everything that she could have done, why did she pick the course of action that was most arduous and least promising?

“Let’s not get all worked up. Here, have a seat and something to drink. You’ll find out soon enough.” Natasha was still full of confidence.

“Hmph! I’d like to see what tricks you have up your sleeves! Jessica huffed as she sat down.

Right now, all she hoped for was that nobody would show up. At least then, no one would spread the news. about this. If any word about the press conference got out, Harmon Pharmaceuticals would end up as a laughing stock.

“Hmm Is this the Harmons‘ press conference? Why don’t I see anyone here at all?” Just then, an obese elderly man walked in, his face full of doubt.

“Dr–Dr. Shane?” Jessica was so astonished.

Dr. Shane was a person who rarely appeared in public. What was he doing here?

After all, Dr. Shane was someone who would even disregard a prime minister’s invitation if he so wished.

“Dr. Shane, what brings you here?” Jessica immediately got up to welcome him.

However, he did not even spare her a glance and walked right past her.

He jogged enthusiastically over to Dustin with a huge smile on his face. “Mr. Rhys! You’re here too! That ancient manuscript that you gave me was absolutely wonderful. It’s just that there is some information in there that I’m struggling to grasp. Do you think you could shed some light on them, please?”

Jessica was struck dumb on the spot.

A legendary figure in the medical field, the great Dr. Shane, was actually seeking advice from a poor fellow like Dustin. What? What on earth was going on?

Chapter 168

Jessica was frozen on the spot and struggled for words when she saw how humbly Malcolm was seeking guidance from Dustin.

She had never once thought that the arrogant and haughty Dr. Malcolm Shane had such a side to him.

And most importantly, the person from whom he was modestly seeking advice was the boy toy, Dustin Rhys. It was mind–boggling indeed.

 “I don’t think I’m fit to give you any advice, Dr. Shane, but I’d gladly help wherever I can. We can both share our thoughts. Dustin smiled.

“Sure, we can do that. Now, have a look here…” Malcolm took out the ancient manuscript and immediately dove into it. He started pointing out some of the areas that he had trouble understanding.

“Oh, this is actually quite simple. Take this for example: Put a hundred different insects into a jar, and let them fight among themselves. After a month, open up the jar, and by then there will only be one remaining insect. The rest of them would have been eaten up by this surviving insect, and this will be the poisonous insect that you’re after. Such a poisonous insect is usually used to cure other poisons in a method known as counteracting poison with another poison.

“As for this, it tells us how to neutralize the poisonous insect’s venom. So what you need to do is smoke the licorice herb until it turns black, then combine it with some soybeans and extract the juice. Once the patient consumes the juice, it will neutralize the venom of the poisonous insect. But of course, this is only applicable to the venom of common poisonous insects. And this here. Dustin spoke eloquently on all the topics that Malcolm had questions about, and he managed to give him all the answers he needed.

After hearing what Dustin had to say, Malcolm felt enlightened. “Hahaha! You really are talented! I’m so impressed, and I’ve learned so much from you today!”

Malcolm was practically dancing with joy. He looked nothing like an expert or a person of status.

“What-..” Jessica watched bewildered. Was this really the haughty Dr. Shane who was constantly contemptuous of others? With how he was behaving, he looked more like a schoolboy!

Also, what was this mystic art that they were going on about? Would a renowned doctor like Dr. Shane actually take interest in something like that?

“Dr. Shane, if you have any other questions, you can discuss them with Dustin some other time. As for now, we need to talk about the press conference.” Natasha interrupted them when she saw how excited they were over their discussion.

“Oh, right… Malcolm realized that his behavior was slightly inappropriate.

He nodded and said, “Just let me know what you need me to do, young lady.”

“There’s nothing you need to do. Just sit up there on the stage, and if you see anyone you recognize, you may greet them,” Natasha replied with a smile.

“Is it that simple?” Malcolm could not believe his ears.

“Yep, it’s that simple.” Natasha nodded.

“That’s no problem at all!” Malcolm went and took his seat on the stage and continued reading through the ancient manuscript.

“Natasha, so what if you managed to invite Dr. Shane here? Do you think this will suffice to go against Edwin Hummer?” Jessica asked in all earnestness.

Though it was true that she was awestruck by Malcolm’s presence, that did not mean that he had the means to help the Harmons win this battle against the Hummers.

In the end, what mattered most in this competition between the two families was the quality of their product.

“We’ll find out soon enough.” Natasha did not explain any further. With a glance at her wristwatch, she turned to Dustin and nodded. He immediately got the signal and pulled out his phone to make a call.

At the same time, over at the Hummers‘ press conference…

Chapter 169

Looking at the crowd in the hall, Edwin couldn’t help but smile broadly.

As expected, everything was going smoothly. Once the product launch was done by today, Eternumax’s reputation would be spread far and wide!

When that time came, his aim wouldn’t be limited to Swinton but to market Eternumax throughout the thirteen cities of the South!

 “Sir Hummer! Congratulations on your launch!” Quentin and his men came up to Edwin, whose face was beaming.

“Oh, it’s Mr. Harmon. Please, have a seat,” Edwin said pleasantly.

“Sir Hummer, Eternumax is really a precious herb! Everyone has been talking about how great it is. Look at the crowd here after hearing about its effects! It’s already become so popular that people are coming in droves!” Quentin flattered.

“If the product is good, customers will naturally return. Mr. Harmon, you also stocked up quite a bit, it seems like you’re going to make a big profit this time.” Edwin smiled.

“It’s all thanks to you, Sir Hummer. We’re all working together to get rich!” Quentin laughed heartily.

“Oh, by the way, have you heard any news from Natasha?” Edwin asked suddenly.

Quentin’s lips curled into a playful smirk. “Speaking of which, there is a bit of news. I just heard that Natasha was going to hold a press conference at the same time and place as you.”

“Oh? Is she trying to provoke me? But how come I didn’t know about this?” Edwin was surprised.

“Not only you, but I don’t think anyone in Swinton knows about it. I’ve already checked into it, and her press conference has no one in attendance! What a joke!” Quentin sneered.

“If there is no one there, then what’s the point of her holding a press conference?” Edwin asked.

“She probably was frustrated by you, that’s why she intentionally pulled this stunt to try and stir up trouble. But now it seems like it’s just backfiring on her.” Quentin replied.

“Heh! I never expected Natasha to resort to such a foolish move. Does she really think that she can restore everything just by relying on the Harmon family’s reputation? How naive!” Edwin shook his head.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but look down on Natasha. Natasha Harmon, the so–called queen of the business world, didn’t seem so impressive after all.

“Sir Hummer, how about we go over and witness the mockery for ourselves?” Quentin extended an invitation.

“I have many important guests coming later, so I can’t leave for now. You go ahead, and please say hello to Natasha for me,” Edwin replied calmly.

“Okay, I’ll go have some fun then. I’ll let you know the details later, Quentin said and left without further ado.

Soon, Quentin and Mr. Wangley arrived at the Harmon family’s press conference. When they walked in, they found the hall empty, with only a few people present.

“Cousin, I didn’t expect you to really hold a press conference. But why is no one here? What the hell are you doing?” Quentin teased as he walked in.

“Did you not come here? Aren’t you a human?” Natasha replied coldly.

Quentin’s lips twitched, but he continued sarcastically, “I see it’s really empty here. Should I bring some friends over to liven up the atmosphere?”

Despite his words, the sneer on his lips could not be concealed.

“Thank you for your kindness, but it’s unnecessary. My guests will arrive soon,” Natasha smiled faintly.

“Cousin, I think you shouldn’t be too stubborn. How can you compete with Edwin with such a poor showing? In my opinion, I think you should just admit your defeat,” Quentin said with a smirk.

“Well, it seems like you’re having a lot of fun!” Ruth piped in angrily.

“Ruth, I’m doing this for your sister’s own good. Rather than making an embarrassment of ourselves, we should stop our losses while we can. Like me, I’ve bought a ton of Eternumax so that I can make a fortune later.” Quentin said confidently.

“You bought the Eternumax? How many did you buy?” Ruth was surprised and asked tentatively.

“I invested all my money and took out many loans to purchase the stocks. This time, I’m going to make a killing!” Quentin raised his chin proudly, waiting for them to rain praise on his intelligence and prowess.

After hearing this, Ruth slapped her forehead and sighed. “It’s all over!”

Eternumax was complete garbage!

It was pure stupidity for Quentin to buy so much Eternumax, moreover with money that he didn’t have!

What an idiot Quentin was!

Chapter 170

“What do you mean? Can’t you speak more clearly? I’m about to make it big!” Quentin rolled his eyes.

With the popularity of Eternumax, making a fortune was in the bag. These guys really lacked business acumen!

“Sis, did you not remind our cousin not to buy Eternumax? Ruth turned her head and looked at Natasha.

 “I did remind him, but he didn’t listen. I couldn’t do anything about it. Natasha shrugged.

“While there’s still time, quickly sell all your Eternumax, even if it’s at a low price. It’s better than getting nothing back.” Ruth advised.

“Sell at a low price? Are you talking nonsense? This is an opportunity for me to multiply my net worth by ten times. How could I give up so easily?” Quentin frowned.

“Cousin, I don’t think you can increase your net worth by that much. You are more likely to go bankrupt. Don’t you know that my sister has developed a new drug called Immortunol?” Ruth shook her head helplessly.

“What Immortunol? I’ve never heard of it.” Quentin sneered.

“Immortunol has the same benefits as Eternumax, but its medicinal properties far surpass those of Eternumax. Besides, it’s even cheaper. Just think about what would happen once this drug hits the market.” Ruth analyzed.

“Hmph! Nonsense! There’s no such drug in this world that can compare to Eternumax. Do you think I’m stupid?

Quentin didn’t believe it at all..

“It’s true! I’ve tried it myself!” Ruth insisted anxiously.

Quentin interrupted coldly. “That’s enough! Ruth, I always thought of you as an innocent child who would never lie. I did not expect that you would lie to help your sister!”

“Hmph! If you don’t believe me, then forget it!” Ruth snorted and turned away without another word.

It’s impossible to change his mind. She had said everything she needed to say, and if he refused to listen, it was not her fault.

“You guys are better off thinking about how to bring more people here to liven up the atmosphere instead of worrying about my affairs. Look at this press conference, it’s as empty as a ghost town. What an embarrassment!” Quentin’s face was cold as he spoke sarcastically. the

“Who said we don’t have any guests? Look, there they are!” Natasha suddenly pointed her chin toward the door.

The others followed her gaze. Several people dressed in luxurious clothing walked in, turning around as if they were looking for something.

“Excuse me, is Dr. Shane here?”

“We heard that Dr. Shane has developed a medicine called Immortunol, which could maintain youthfulness and increase longevity. Is it true?”

“Of course it’s true. Look, Dr. Shane is sitting on the stage.” Natasha smiled and stood up.

“Oh?” The group looked closely and their faces lit up with joy.

“It’s really Dr. Shane! It seems like we’ve come to the right place!”

“You’re right! I didn’t believe it at first when I heard the rumors, but it turned out to be true!”

They spoke excitedly to each other. After all, it was extremely difficult to meet a highly skilled expert like Dr. Shane, who was often elusive and rarely seen.

“Dr. Shane?” Quentin was startled and turned back in surprise.

On the stage, there was a fat old man who was reading a book.

He hadn’t paid much attention before, but upon closer inspection, he realized that the old man was none other than the famous miracle doctor, Dr. Malcolm Shane!

What’s going on? Did Natasha actually invite Dr. Shane?

Quentin mulled it over as more guests streamed in. People were crowding into the hall to see the renowned Dr. Shane.

Many of them were initially skeptical and curious; however, once they saw that it was really him, their hearts were convinced.

Even without saying a word, just having Dr. Shane sit there was the best advertisement for Immortunol.

“Is it possible? Could Immortunol really be better than Eternumax?” At first, Quentin was able to remain calm. but as more guests arrived, he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

After a short while, the empty hall had become lively.

“It’s about time, let’s begin,” Natasha ordered the butler to bring out all of the Immortunol that had been prepared.

With a smile, she stepped onstage and stood beside Dr. Shane.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of our press conference today is this new drug, Immortunol! This is a miraculous medicine jointly developed by Harmon Pharmaceuticals and other medical experts, including Dr. Shane. Not only does this medicine improve one’s longevity, but it also has anti–aging and health–promoting benefits, making it suitable for people of all genders and ages. As for its effects, you’ll know after trying it. Your opinion is what matters.” Natasha did not waste time and briefly introduced the Immortunol before having the butler distribute it to all of the guests.

Without question, each person who was present in the hall received a pill. When everyone took the Immortunol, the entire hall erupted in excitement.

“Oh my god! The effect of Immortunol is amazing, isn’t it?”

“You’re right! Just after taking one, my whole body is filled with energy! I have never felt so young!”

“My goodness! Honey, your face seems to be whiter and more radiant; even your dark circles have disappeared!”

Everyone was enthusiastically discussing the mind–blowing effects of the drug.

Initially, many had turned up due to Dr. Shane’s reputation. However, now they were completely convinced by the apparent effects of the Immortunol!

“I don’t believe this drug could be so incredible! Seeing everyone’s positive response, Quentin scoffed angrily and stuffed an Immortunol into his mouth.

At that moment, he was dumbstruck.

The indescribable sense of warmth spread throughout his body, strengthening his muscles and boosting his energy. This drug was really out of this world!

“H–how could this be?” Quentin widened his eyes in disbelief. He had initially thought that Natasha was just bluffing.

He didn’t expect that in just a few days, Natasha had actually developed a new medicine.

In addition, the effects of Immortunol far exceeded those of Eternumax!

Realizing this, Quentin suddenly turned pale and turned to Mr. Wangley.

“Mr. Wangley! Hurry up and sell the Eternumax at a low price! Sell them all! Don’t leave a single one! If we don’t sell them right now, we’re done for!”

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