Chapter 171 – 175

Chapter 171 – 175 An Understated Dominance

Chapter 171

At the Hummer family’s press conference, the once bustling hall began to slowly empty out.

Initially, everyone was talking about Eternumax, but gradually the conversation switched to another topic.

“Hey, have you heard? The Harmon family also held a press conference to launch their product, Immortunol. They partnered up with Mr. Shane, and its effects are incredible! It’s said to be the best supplement ever developed!”

 “Is it true? Can it compare to Eternumax?”

“Eternumax is garbage compared to Immortunol! To tell you the truth, my friend’s great–aunt just ate one pill of Immortunol, and she jumped out of her wheelchair!”

“Are you exaggerating?”

‘Don’t believe me? Let’s go and see for yourself!”

As news of Immortunoll spread, more and more people left to gather at the Harmon family’s press conference. In contrast, the number of people at the Hummer family’s conference dwindled. Gradually, Edwin finally realized that something was wrong.

“Butler, what’s going on? Why did the number of our guests suddenly decrease so much?” Edwin asked.

“I don’t know, it’s strange.” The butler was puzzled by the situation.

“What are you standing there for? Go and find out!” Edwin snapped.

“Yes, sir!” The butler dared not hesitate and ran out in a hurry.

He returned after a moment, sweating profusely. “Sir Hummer! Something terrible happened! Natasha is holding a press conference to launch a new product called Immortunol. Those missing guests have all gone over to their conference!”

“What? We’ve been going all out on marketing and promotion. How could Natasha have the ability to steal my clients?” Edwin’s face darkened.

“It’s because of Dr. Shane! It’s said that Immortunol was developed by the Harmon family and Dr. Shane, so people are flocking to it!” The butler wiped away his sweat.

“Dr. Shane? Let’s go and take a look for ourselves!” Edwin frowned.

At this moment, he couldn’t suppress his curiosity any longer.

Eternumax was the result of years of research by the Harmon family, and it was top secret. Even if it was Dr. Shane, he couldn’t develop a new medicine comparable to Eternumax in just a few days!

When Edwin arrived, he was shocked by the scene before him. He realized that the Harmon family’s press conference was far more lively than his own.

All the bigwigs and celebrities had turned up. Most importantly, everyone who had tried Immortunol gave it high praise.

Edwin was curious and stopped a young man, who was passing by. “Young man, did you try the Immortunol?”

“Yes, I did. What’s wrong?” The young man nodded.

“What do you think of the effects of the medicine?”

“What do I think about it? Of course, I feel like I’m on top of the world!‘

“Is it really that powerful? How does it compare to Eternumax?”

“Eternumax? No one would eat that now!” The young man chuckled.

Edwin froze, his eyes twitching frantically. Unwilling to accept it, he asked several more people in succession.

They all said the same thing.


“How could a new medicine like Immortunol compare to Eternumax?”

Edwin frowned deeply, still unconvinced.

As he looked around at the people praising Immortunol, he couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed.

After thinking for a moment, Edwin whispered a few words to his butler, who nodded and left immediately.

As time passed, the conference at the Hummer family gradually quieted down.

Chapter 172

Meanwhile, the atmosphere at the Harmon family’s press conference became increasingly lively.

Just when Natasha thought that everything was going smoothly, a scream suddenly rang out from the crowd.

Everyone turned to look. An old man had suddenly collapsed to the ground, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. Within moments, he was unconscious.

 “Dad! What’s wrong with you? Please get up!” Cried a middle–aged man next to him, panic–stricken.

“I’m a doctor, let me take a look!” A bald man quickly stepped forward to check the old man’s breathing and pulse. With a sigh, he shook his head. “He’s already dead.”

“Dead?” Everyone was shocked by the news.

“How could this happen? He seemed perfectly fine just a moment ago.”

“Who knows? He looked energetic: it’s so strange that he died suddenly.”

“Could it be a heart attack?”

Whispers and murmurs of suspicion filled the air.

“It can’t be! My dad couldn’t have died! We made sure he had regular checkups, and he was always healthy!”

The middle–aged man sobbed.

“It looks like he might have been poisoned. Did he eat anything earlier?” The bald doctor asked.

“We didn’t eat anything today. The middle–aged man trailed off before suddenly remembering something.

Wait! My dad took Immortunol earlier, and now he is dead! The medicine must be toxic!”

“Toxic?” Everyone was shocked to hear this. After all, they had all taken the same medicine earlier.

“How could this be?” Natasha frowned.

Having such an incident during the press conference was not a good sign. Regardless of whether the old man’s death was related to Immortunol, it would have a huge impact on Harmon Pharmaceutical’s reputation.

Once the label “toxic” was attached to Immortunol, it would not be able to sell at all.

“It’s all because of you! It’s all your fault! You killed my father by selling fake medicine! You owe me his life!” The middle–aged man stood up and roared at Natasha.

He rushed forward to attack her but was stopped by the Harmon family’s bodyguards.

“The cause of your father’s death is not clear yet. Whether it is related to Immortunol still needs further investigation,” Natasha said sternly.

“There’s nothing more to investigate! Everyone saw it clearly just now. My father was healthy before he took your medicine. After taking it, he suddenly died!” The man shouted.

“My father was killed by you! You wicked businesswoman! You look my father’s life!” He kneeled beside the body, crying bitterly.

“My poor father, you died in vain! I’m sorry that I couldn’t avenge your death. I hope that they will get divine retribution from the heavens!”

It was a heart–wrenching sight that moved everyone to tears.

At that moment, everyone turned to Natasha. Their gazes had changed from ones of respect to ones of scorn.

“Natasha! I never knew you were such a despicable person. For the sake of profit, you would actually sell fake medicine!” Quentin jumped to his feet and accused her loudly.

“Stop talking nonsense. Immortunol is not poisonous. Natasha frowned.

“Then how do you explain the old man’s sudden death after taking your medicine?” Quentin pressed.

“Natasha was at a loss for words.

“The old man’s death has nothing to do with Immortunol,” Dustin spoke up. He had been watching from the side all along.

“Who are you to say that the medicine is not at fault?” Quentin retorted coldly.

“I can show you that the medicine had nothing to do with his death. If you don’t believe me, I can ask the old man personally.” Dustin stepped forward with a calm expression.

Chapter 173

“Ask the old man?” Quentin first looked stunned, then his face darkened.

“Punk! Do you think I’m an idiot? The old man is already dead; how could you ask him anything?”

“He may be dead, but his body is still warm. Coincidentally, I have a way to bring the dead back to life.” Dustin smiled faintly.

 “Nonsense! Do you think you’re a god? Bring the dead back to life? Why don’t you say you know how to fly?” Quentin sneered.

“Who is this young man? How dare he speak so arrogantly?”

“Yeah! Even Dr. Shane wouldn’t dare say that he could bring the dead back to life. This kid is really too conceited!”

“In my opinion, he just wants to show off in front of Ms. Harmon and impress her.”

In response to Dustin’s words, the people around him were filled with scom.

The old man was already dead, how could he bring a dead person back to life? Wasn’t he spouting nonsense?

“Whether it’s nonsense or not, we’ll find out soon enough.” Dustin didn’t explain further and walked up to the old man.

“Hey! What are you doing? I’m warning you–don’t mess around with me! My father’s body is still warm, so no one can touch him. I’ve reported this to the authorities, and the police will be here soon!” The middle–aged man looked wary.

“Don’t be so agitated, I just want to take a look at your father. Maybe I can give you the justice you deserve!” Dustin said.

“I don’t even know who you are, why should I let you examine him?” The middle–aged man shouted.

“Mr. Rhys is the chief physician of Harmon Pharmaceuticals. If your father really had an accident because of ingesting Immortunol, we are willing to take full responsibility,” Natasha spoke up.

Although she didn’t know what Dustin was going to do, she supported him unconditionally.

“If he’s a doctor, then let him take a look.”

“If it’s really Immortunol that killed him, we can testify for you!”

Many others chimed in as well.

Dustin piped up when he saw the man’s hesitation, “What, do you want your father to die under such vague circumstances?”

“Alright! I look forward to seeing what tricks you can play!” The middle–aged man gritted his teeth and stepped aside.

Dustin squatted down and examined the body brielly. “There’s no breath or pulse. It seems like this old man is truly dead. Since the deceased is foaming at the mouth, it appears to be a case of death due to poisoning.”

“Listen! Did you all hear that? Even the Harmon family’s physician said it was death by poisoning! My father was poisoned to death by Immortunol!” The middle–aged man shouted.

As soon as the people heard his claims, their faces were filled with shock. They started pointing fingers at Natasha and whispering in hushed voices, their eyes full of suspicion.

“Dustin! What nonsense are you talking about?! Did you even do a proper examination? You are obviously trying to throw the Harmons” under the bus!” Jessica hissed under her breath.

She couldn’t help but suspect that Dustin was a spy planted by the Hummer family. In such a critical moment, he actually said that the old man died of poisoning.

Wasn’t he just adding fuel to the fire?

“Cousin, it seems like your little boyfriend here has rocks in his head. With his statement, he is confirming that you did sell fake medicine, which caused someone’s death!” Quentin almost laughed out loud.

Could such stupid people actually exist? He was just making matters worse!

“What an interesting development…” Edwin smirked to himself as he stood among the crowd.

He couldn’t believe that Dustin would add insult to injury. This was more than what he expected!

“Based on your reactions, I believe you all trust what I said, right?” Dustin stared directly at the man.

“We believe it! Of course, we believe it! You are an honest and upright man by publicly exposing the dark side of the Harmon family!” The middle–aged man nodded vigorously.

While he was praising Dustin, the man couldn’t hide the faint smile on his lips. Although his smile quickly disappeared, it was still caught by Dustin.

“Now that you believe me, I’m going to save your father,” Dustin declared with a cheeky smile.

“Save? My father is already dead; how can you save him?” The middle–aged man was stunned.

“I have my ways,” Dustin said.

All of a sudden, he slapped the old man’s face. There was a loud crack as the old man’s dentures flew out and fell directly into someone’s glass.

Before everyone could react, Dustin continued slapping the old man until his cheeks were swollen and his nose was bleeding.

“Hey! Are you crazy? Why are you hitting my father?” The man’s face turned as pale as a sheet.

“I’m trying to save your father. This is a secret technique that can bring people back from the dead. You shall see for yourself soon,” Dustin said as he slapped the old man a few more times, increasing the intensity.

The old man’s head swelled up like a balloon from Dustin’s assault. Tears were flowing down his cheeks.

“Stop it! You lunatic, stop it!” The middle–aged man was furious and rushed forward to hit Dustin, but Dustin pushed him away easily.

“Is this guy a real doctor? I’ve never seen such a way of saving people before.”

“What bizarre technique is this? He’s clearly just beating up a dead body!”

“Is he insane? How could the doctor beat up the old man so violently when he is already dead?”

“The doctor’s character is corrupt! The Harmon family is completely rotten to the core! What is the world coming to?”

In response to Dustin’s absurd behavior, the crowd began condemning him, filled with righteous indignation.

The deceased should be respected!

Beating up a corpse like this was simply inhumane!

“This guy’s crazy! He’s beating up my father’s corpse! The Harmon family killed my father, and now they are treating his body with disrespect! Is there anyone who can help me?” The middle–aged man slumped on the ground, crying bitterly.

“Dustin, stop it!” Jessica’s face turned pale.

“He’s gone mad! This guy is out of his mind!” Quentin shook his head.

“What’s going on?” Ruth was stunned.

“This is getting more and more interesting.” Edwin gloated.

Just as everyone thought that Dustin had gone insane, there was suddenly a cry of surprise from the crowd.

“Hey, I think I just saw the dead man’s finger move!”

“Did you see it too? I thought I was seeing things.”

“Not only did his fingers move, but look! Tears are flowing out of his eyes too.”

Incredulous, the crowd noticed something strange about the dead body.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Could slapping someone’s face really bring them back from the dead?

“He’s pretty resilient.” Dustin sneered as he stopped the assault.

“It seems like I need to go all out to wake him up. Ruth, bring me my knife, the one I used to slaughter pigs. I would have to make a cut on his head to bring him back to life.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the ‘corpse” on the ground couldn’t bear it any longer and sat up with a scream.

Chapter 174

When the old man suddenly sat up, all the guests were startled. Some of the women screamed frantically, losing their composure.

“It’s a zombie!”

Shocked to the core, the crowd scattered in all directions. No one expected that the motionless corpse would suddenly spring to life.

It was such a terrifying moment!

“Dad? Y–you’re not dead?” The middle–aged man pretended to be shocked.

“Yes, I’m not dead.” The old man gave a forced smile.

His voice was slurred as his dentures were knocked out. Combined with his swollen cheeks, the old man a comical sight.

“Oh my god! This young man could even revive the dead! How could this be?”

“No words could express my amazement right now!”

“What a strange way to treat people! Are medical techniques nowadays getting more straightforward?”

Staring at the old man, who was obviously alive and kicking, there was pandemonium in the hall. Some of the onlookers were shocked, and some were curious.

“Hey, I saved your father’s life! Is it too much to ask for you to show some gratitude?” Dustin smirked.

“You bastard! Even if my father survived this ordeal, it’s because of his good luck! It doesn’t change the fact that Immortunol is poisonous!” The middle–aged man was livid.

“That’s right! I almost died after eating your medicine. Now, I’m still feeling sore all over!” The old man gritted his teeth and looked resentful.

After enduring such a fierce beating, he couldn’t let Dustin go without extorting sufficient compensation.

“Oh? Where else do you feel uncomfortable? Let me have a look.” Dustin stepped forward.

In fright, the old man backed away repeatedly. “What are you doing? I’m warning you, stay away from me!”

“Don’t be nervous! Your illness is not fully cured yet, as you have just regained consciousness. Here, let me diagnose you for a complete recovery, just in case.” Dustin smiled.

“Dustin, the knife you wanted is here!” At that moment, Ruth ran over excitedly. In her hand was a large kitchen knife that she somehow managed to find.

“Perfect timing. Although it’s bigger than what I’m used to, it’s just right to crack open a skull” Dustin took the kitchen knife and swung it around.

“Crack open my skull?!” Hearing this, the old man trembled all over. “Son, let’s not waste any more time! I think

I need to go to the hospital for a full examination right away!”

“Oh, right! Of course, we have to go to the hospital first!” Seeing the unfavorable situation, the middle–aged man quickly helped the old man to his feet and tried to run away Inconspicuously.

“Did I say you could go?” Dustin took a step forward and grabbed the old man by his hair, pulling him back.

“I always treat my patients to the best of my ability, even after their deaths.” How can I ignore it when you are so sick?” With that, he started brandishing the kitchen knife back and forth.

“Don’t, don’t! I’m not sick, I’ve already recovered!” The old man shivered in fright.

“Don’t be stubborn: your illness is life–threatening. Everyone witnessed it just now.” Dustin said earnestly.

“That’s right, old man. If you’re sick, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. You shouldn’t refuse his good intentions!” Someone piped up.

“That’s right, this young man is highly skilled in medicine. You should trust him. Nothing bad will happen.” The others agreed and began to persuade the old man.

“I’m fine; I’m really fine.” The old man shook his head frantically, tears streaming down his face.

“Lie down and don’t move. Let me see where to make the first incision,” Dustin ordered, pinning the helpless old man down.

“Let him go immediately! You’re committing murder!” The middle–aged man panicked and tried to stop Dustin. but was held back by several bodyguards.

“According to my diagnosis, you are in grave condition! Let’s start by cracking your skull open, and then we will move on to cutting your abdomen…” Dustin trailed off, lifting his knife to strike.

“Wait! I’m not sick, I’m really not! Someone paid me to pretend to be dead!” Realizing his life was at stake, the old man finally revealed the truth with a wail.

“He was paid off?”

“Pretended to be dead?”

As soon as everyone heard this, their faces went red with fury and outrage.

“What a bunch of scammers! How dare you have the audacity to cause trouble here?”

“I can’t believe I felt sorry for you just now. It turns out that you’re all liars!”

“Young man, just chop them up. Trash like them deserves to die!”

After learning the truth, the crowd erupted into chaos. Some of them even threatened to get physical.

“Tell me, who put you up to this?” Dustin held his knife to the old man’s neck.

“I don’t know, we were just paid to do this. We don’t know anything else.” The old man shook his head.

“Please spare us, we won’t do this again.” The middle–aged man spoke up, frightened for his life.

They were just scoundrels who preyed on the weak. Once their true identities were exposed, they lost all their courage.

“Take these troublemakers away!” At Natasha’s command, the two were quickly taken away.

She didn’t need an answer. She already knew who was behind all this.

“Useless idiots!” In the crowd, Edwin snorted coldly and left.

He knew he had lost today. All his schemes had come to nothing.

“It’s over, we’re done for.” Quentin’s face was pale with despair. The initial glimmer of hope was instantly dashed in the blink of an eye.

If Immortunol was successfully launched, how could he sell his Eternumax?

He had put in his entire fortune!

“Dustin, how did you know that the old man was pretending to be dead? I saw that he wasn’t breathing.” Ruth couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity.

“That old man was using a technique called Breath–holding; that’s why he could pretend to be dead. I’m familiar with many of these tricks used by scammers everywhere, it’s not even worth mentioning.” Dustin replied with a faint smile.

“Oh, I see. It’s a good thing you figured it out, or else things would have gone terribly today!” Ruth patted her chest in relief.

“Mr. Rhys, you are indeed amazing. You exposed the deception of those two ruffians effortlessly! My admiration for you is immeasurable!” At that moment, Malcolm came over to flatter Dustin.

Just sitting there quietly wasn’t really his thing.

“Dr. Shane, he just stumbled upon the solution by chance. How can you lower yourself to his level?” Jessica gave Dustin a cold glance before smiling at Dr. Shane. “If it weren’t for your help in developing Immortunol, the Harmon family would be in huge trouble! You are the biggest hero of the day!”

“What are you talking about? Who said I developed the Immortunol?” Malcolm frowned.

“What?” Jessica was momentarily stunned. She exclaimed, “Who else has the ability to do that besides you?”

“You really have no eye for talent! The mastermind behind Immortunol is none other than Mr. Rhys beside you!

*Malcolm rolled his eyes.

“What?” At this revelation, Jessica was instantly dumbfounded.

Chapter 175

After a stormy event, the Harmon family’s press conference ended successfully.

On the other hand, the influential Hummer family’s press conference ended in dismal failure.

The emergence of Immortunol dealt a huge blow to the sales of Eternumax. Compared to another medicine with better efficacy and a cheaper price, Eternumax was regarded as garbage.

The Hummer family’s Eternumax couldn’t be sold at all. In the end, they were stuck with piles of rotting. inventory. The meticulous game planned by Edwin was a complete failure.

Although this disaster was unable to weaken the Hummer family’s foundation, it still caused them heavy losses.

After the press conference, Dustin was about to say goodbye when he was stopped by Ruth at the door,

“Dustin, I need a favor from you.”

“What is it?” Dustin asked suspiciously.

“I’m going to a reunion with some of my classmates later, can you come with me and be my bodyguard?” Ruth was very straightforward.

“The Harmon family has so many bodyguards, why do you need me? I’m not interested,” Dustin refused.

“How can those men compare to you? Well, to be honest with you, there’s a really annoying guy among my classmates who’s been pursuing me. I told him I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t believe me. That’s why I need you to come along.” Ruth pouted.

“In conclusion, you’re just using me as an excuse! That makes me even less interested.” Dustin shrugged.

“Hey! I consider you a friend, and you won’t even help me with this small matter? Where’s your loyalty?” Ruth had a displeased expression on her face.

“What do you mean? Don’t talk nonsense! Dustin’s expression changed as he looked around nervously.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me!” Ruth crossed her arms smugly.

Dustin opened his mouth to explain, but Ruth interrupted him. “I don’t care! If you don’t help me out, I’ll tell my mom!”

“What?” Dustin nodded in alarm. “Alright, alright. I’ll just keep you company. Are you happy now?”

He didn’t expect this little girl to resort to such a move. He really had to admire her persistence.

“That’s more like it!” Ruth smirked and pulled Dustin out the door.

It was the evening at the Phoenix Karaoke, in a private room.

Sheila sat on the sofa listlessly, propping her chin on her hands.

Before her, a group of young men and women were singing and rapping, having a great time.

“Sheila, you said you were bored out of your mind in the villa. I took a huge risk to bring you out, but why are you still being mopey?” Claudia, who was sitting next to her, couldn’t help feeling puzzled.

Ever since her illness was cured, Sheila, who was usually lively and cheerful, seemed to be acting weird.

These past two days, she had no appetite and seemed to wander around mindlessly.

“Maybe my body hasn’t fully recovered yet,” Sheila lazily replied.

“Is that so?” Claudia looked skeptical.

“Sheila, can I ask you something?” At that moment, a young man suddenly cut in with a bright smile. “Did you inform Ruth about this gathering? I haven’t been able to contact her lately.”

“Of course I did. We’re all good friends, how could I leave her out?” Sheila nodded.

“That’s great. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen Ruth, I wonder how she is doing?” The young man smiled in relief.

“Nigel I advise you to give up on Ruth. She’s not interested in you.” Sheila was very straightforward.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Maybe one day, Ruth will be moved by my true feelings.” Nigel wasn’t perturbed at all.

“True feelings? Nigel you seem to have a new girlfriend every month. It’s possible that you change girlfriends as frequently as someone changes clothes.” Claudia sneered.

“Claudia! Don’t talk nonsense, I’m a loyal person!” Nigel looked embarrassed.

“Okay, okay! You’re loyal, you’re not a playboy.” Claudia didn’t bother to argue.

Her duty was to protect Sheila. She had no interest in the love affairs of these young men and women.

Just as they were talking, the door to the private room suddenly opened.

Ruth, who was dressed luxuriously, entered the room, followed closely by Dustin.

“Ruth, you’re finally here! Please, have a seat!” Nigel was overjoyed when he saw Ruth arrive. He quickly poured Ruth a glass of juice, fawning over her.

“Dustin?” Sheila exclaimed and stood up suddenly..

Her overreaction took Claudia by surprise. Why was she so energetic all of a sudden?

Following her gaze, Claudia noticed Dustin standing there. She couldn’t help furrowing her brows. Could it be that Sheila liked him?

“Dustin, why are you here?” Sheila greeted him with joy, to the point of ignoring Ruth’s presence.

“Ms. Murray?” Dustin was slightly surprised. What a coincidence! He didn’t expect to meet her here.

“Sheila, do you two know each other?” Ruth stared at the both of them in astonishment.

“I had fallen ill two days ago. It was Dustin who saved me!” Shella smiled sweetly.

“Is that so? As fate would have it, both of you have met again!” Ruth had a meaningful smile on her face as well.

“Yes, it must be destiny!” Sheila nodded energetically. She completely forgot about being bored.

“Ruth, who is this guy? I haven’t seen him around before.” Nigel narrowed his eyes and stared at Dustin with an unfriendly expression.

Two beautiful women were both fussing around Dustin and being so affectionate with him.

This made Nigel green with envy.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce him. This is my boyfriend, Dustin.” Ruth raised her chin proudly.

“Boyfriend?” Upon hearing this, Nigel’s face darkened, As for Sheila, the happiness she had shown earlier was instantly replaced by disappointment and sadness.

Who knew that Dustin had already been taken by her good friend?

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