Chapter 186 – 190

Chapter 186 – 190 An Understated Dominance

Chapter 186

“That fellow really dared to come? He really doesn’t treasure his life!”

“Your bravery is commendable. But showing up here is a foolish move!”

The crowd erupted into an uproar, with a variety of expressions on their faces.

 “Dustin Rhys is it?!” A guard from the Horst family took a step forward, his voice booming with authority.

“That’s me.” Dustin replied, unfazed.

“So, you’re the one who killed my son, Xavier?” Gabriel’s fierce gaze remained fixed on Dustin, his expression. stern and unyielding.

“Yes.” Dustin nodded once again.

“Kneel down!” Gabriel roared.

“Kneel? You’re not worthy of such respect.” Dustin retorted.

Dustin added, “Horst, I’ll give you a chance. Hand over the people who trespassed at Peaceful Medical Center and apologize to Gregory. Then, I’ll spare your life.”

The crowd went wild at his statement.

“Holy shit! Is he out of his mind? He’s still acting so brazen even when his life is at stake?”

“Having killed Xavier, he dares to demand an apology from Sir Gabriel! He’s wild!”

“Those who are ignorant are the ones who are fearless. This guy has no idea who he just crossed.”

The crowd murmured as they pointed at Dustin.

“Punk! Do you know what you’re saying? You are the one who is trapped now! If you don’t want to suffer a painful death, hand over the Gozoraberry and beg for forgiveness on your knees. Otherwise, you will be erased from this world!” Gabriel’s face darkened, and his voice became cold and ominous.

“I may not have the Gozoraberry, but I still have my life. If you think you’re capable of taking it, then come and get it. Dustin motioned with his finger.

“Great! How absolutely fantastic! Since you don’t value your life, then don’t blame me for what happens next! Guards! Cut off this insolent punk’s limbs! I want his head on a stick as revenge!”

Soon after his orders, a few guards rushed towards him, trying to get a head start.


With a loud stomp of his foot, the ground beneath Dustin shattered, sending debris flying across the room in all directions.

As the debris flew across the room, some of it moved with such force that it struck the guards like bullets, causing them to stumble and fall to the ground.

Within a matter of seconds, a few of the guards had fallen to the ground, groaning in pain as they clutched their wounds.

“Go! All of you!” Gabriel thundered, his voice filled with anger and frustration.

“Kill him!”

At Gabriel’s command, a large number of guards charged toward Dustin, their weapons raised and their faces filled with fury.

The guards surrounded Dustin like a tidal wave.

“Hmph! This punk is dead meat! The members of Horst dojo are all elites. He won’t be able to fend them off no matter how skilled he is!” Nigel laughed.

“I can’t wait to see him defeated.” The girl in yellow laughed along with him.

“He’s not even running after being surrounded by that many guards. Does he plan to fight all of them alone? Hahaha! Does he think he’s Superman?”

The group of people laughed as they mocked Dustin, waiting for a good show.

Yet, in a few moments, their smiles were frozen in place. As the fight began, the match took a completely different turn from what they had expected.

Dustin was unstoppable and invincible!

One, two, three-

Ten, twenty, thirty…

In just two minutes, more than half of the guards from the Horst family had fallen. Till that moment, no one could match Dustin’s level of combat.

The whole scene was a massacre!

Dustin alone was slaughtering the bunch of them.

“H–he’s on another level!”

Chapter 187

Ten minutes later.

The entire Horst Dojo was filled with pained groans.

Dustin stood amidst the crowd, emanating a presence akin to that of a god or demon. His presence was awe- inspiring, commanding, and intimidating.

A few people in the audience were stunned. They stared with widened eyes as if they saw a ghost.

Everyone was taken aback by Dustin’s strength. Single–handedly, he had managed to sweep through the entire Horst dojo!

It should be noted that these warriors were the elite of the dojo, capable of facing ten opponents alone.

Yet, in the span of a few minutes, all of them were taken down. This was too absurd!

“Fuck! He’s that strong? He’s on an entirely different level!”

“My goodness, where did this demon come from?!”

Nigel and the others were stunned speechless, especially a few girls who covered their mouths in shock.

Dustin alone faced off against a hundred soldiers, slaughtering people from all directions.

It was truly unbelievable!

“The Horst dojo is nothing.” Dustin stood proudly as his gaze landed on Gabriel.

“I have to admit, kid, you’re pretty good. I underestimated you earlier.” Gabriel took off his coat, revealing his muscular body and long sword at his waist.

“But it ends here. Today, I’ll personally take your life!” As he spoke, he slowly drew his long sword, and a cold light flashed around him.

“Sir Gabriel is unleashing his full strength. This kid is doomed!” Nigel became excited at the sight.

“Have you heard of the Hundred Immortals?”

“Of course! The Hundred Immortals is a combat power ranking list in the martial world, In Dragonmarsh, there are millions of martial arts practitioners, but only one hundred can make it onto the Hundred Immortals. These one hundred individuals are all the cream of the crop, the most outstanding top–tier experts!”

Nigel arrogantly lifted his head and said, “Good to know. Let me tell you, he is one of the top ten of the Hundred Immortals.”

“What? Top ten of the Hundred Immortals?” The others were all shocked at the news.

They knew that Gabriel was powerful, but they never expected him to be ranked so high on the Hundred Immortals list.

It was extremely difficult to even make it onto the list, and even more so to become one of its top members. Any one of the top ten could easily sweep through all the martial arts dojos in Swinton.

“It seems that I underestimated Sir Gabriel’s terrifying power. He truly is a martial art master born into a martial arts family!”

“This poor guy, he actually provoked Sir Gabriel, He’s looking for death!” The onlookers were all full of surprise and pity, looking at Dustin as if he were already dead.

“I heard that Sir Gabriel’s sword is faster than a bullet, and no one can block it. Is it true?” The girl in yellow suddenly asked.

“Of course it’s true! Sir Gabriel’s sword is famous for its speed, especially his ultimate move. ‘Eclipse Strike“. Whenever he uses it, no one has ever escaped alive!” Nigel spoke boastfully.

“Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder if we’ll have the chance to witness Sir Gabriel’s ultimate move today?” The girl in a yellow dress looked on with anticipation and admiration.

“Quick, look! Sir Gabriel is about to make his move!”

As the crowd discussed, on the stage. Gabriel’s aura became more imposing, exuding an intense and sharp pressure.

“Kid, it’s an honor to die by my sword!” Gabriel declared.

“Now, let me show you what it means to break all laws with a single sword strike!” With a single step, Gabriel leaped high off the stage.

Upon landing, he crouched slightly, gathering energy before springing forward like an arrow and hurtling towards Dustin.

“Eclipse Strike!” Gabriel roared, unleashing his ultimate move. Instantly, the air was filled with the glint of the sword and the howling of the wind.

“Here it comes, Sir Gabriel’s most powerful sword strike!”

“No wonder it’s his ultimate move! It’s so cool!”

“No one can survive the ‘Eclipse Strike‘!”

The crowd shouted in admiration and shock.

Gabriel and his sword merged into a rainbow of light, piercing straight toward Dustin’s chest.

Right when it seemed like a killing blow was about to land, a light “ding” sound was heard.

Suddenly, two fingers appeared out of nowhere, gripping the sword. With a simple twist, the sword snapped in half.


The wind ceased, and the light dispersed.

“Huh?!” Gabriel was stunned. He stood in place, a little lost on what to do.

“My famous move was actually blocked just like that? And with just two fingers?” He thought.

“How is this possible?!” cried Nigel, his face turning pale.

Chapter 188


When the last slap fell, Gabriel was completely disfigured, with a crooked nose, a twisted mouth, and half of his teeth falling out, looking extremely miserable.

He collapsed on the ground, completely powerless. He never expected Dustin to be so strong, to the point where he couldn’t even fight back throughout the whole fight.

He could only passively take the beating without any resistance. With this kind of strength, Dustin might even well be in the top three of the Hundred Immortals.

“D–did I see it right? Sir Gabriel was actually defeated? And so miserably?”

“Who is this guy? What kind of monster is he?” After a long silence in the martial arts gym, there was finally some sound.

However, no one responded because the facts were already laid out in front of them.

Gabriel had indeed lost and was completely crushed throughout the entire fight.

The so–called top ten of the Hundred Immortals and his so–called “Eclipse Strike“, his “ultimate” move, had become a joke at this moment.

Dustin’s strength was far beyond everyone’s imagination. With just a slap, he could render Gabriel completely powerless.

“Who are you?” Gabriel sat on the ground, his face twisted with fear.

How could there be such a powerful person in a small place like Swinton, and more importantly, one so young? This was simply abnormal!

“Who I am doesn’t matter. What matters is, will you still be able to survive after this?” Dustin looked down at him coldly.

Upon hearing this, Gabriel first froze, then burst out laughing maniacally, his face distorted. “Kid! I admit you are strong–even exceptionally talented! But the problem is, you are just one person, and behind me stands the entire Horst family!

“The disciples of the Horst family are well into the thousands, spread throughout the seventeen provinces of Swinton! Will you be able to defeat ten, a hundred, or even thousands of them? If you dare to kill me today, you will become the public enemy of the entire Horst family. By then, you will face countless warriors‘ relentless pursuit, day and night! You should weigh the consequences yourself!”

After hearing these words, Nigel and the others, who were initially shocked and confused, immediately came back to their senses.

“That’s right, so what if Dustin is so powerful? He was still only a human being who has weaknesses and flaws. The Horst family was a wealthy and powerful family in the capital with tons of skilled warriors, some even stronger than Gabriel himself. Once these strong warriors learn of the news and gather up, it would be easy to crush him.” The crowd thought.

“A person who acts recklessly will always remain so, and can never attain the heights of true strength!” Nigel. shook his head and retained his calm smile.

“Exactly! No matter how powerful he is, he is still an ant in front of the great Horst family. He’ll be crushed easily! The girl in the yellow dress followed up in agreement.

“In this world, it is not strength that matters but power and connections. This kid will ultimately face death!” After realizing this, the group of people couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement about Dustin’s impending doom.

“Are you so confident that the Horst family can protect you?” Dustin looked at Gabriel with a meaningful smile on his lips.

“What, do you still want to challenge the entire Horst family with your own strength?” Gabriel sneered, with a condescending look on his face.

“Challenge? You are overestimating yourself a little. Give the Horst family a call and ask if they can protect you. Do they even dare to protect you?” Dustin sneered.

“Huh?” Gabriel narrowed his eyes and, after confirming that the other party was not joking, immediately took out his phone.

However, the dozens of missed calls on it made him frown slightly. He felt a sense of unease in his heart. He took a deep breath and dialed the number back.

As soon as the call was connected, his father’s roar came from the other side.

“Gabriel! Where the hell have you been? Your phone has been unreachable! You despicable animal! What the hell have you done? Our entire family has been ruined by you! If I had known this would happen, I should have strangled you to death earlier! So that you wouldn’t bring disaster to our whole family!” His father’s angry rant immediately stunned Gabriel,

After a while, Gabriel tentatively asked, “Dad, what happened exactly?”

“You still have the nerve to ask what happened? It’s all your fault! It’s all because of you, you despicable animal! Our entire family has been banned from killing by the military! Do you know who issued the kill ban order? It was Adam Spanner! It’s the God of War, Adam Spanner! One of the twin stars of the Spanner family and the youngest chief commander in Dragonmarsh! If the God of War personally takes action, what the hell have you done to offend him?!”

As he listened to his father’s shouting in his ear, Gabriel felt as if he had been struck by lightning and stood there stunned!

God of War?

Adam Spanner?

Kill Ban?

H–how could this be possible?

“Die! Just go and die! No one can protect you! And no one dares to protect you! Only when you die can the Horst family survive!” His father’s voice came through the phone again.

Gabriel stood there, at a loss. His face was full of disbelief.

How could the world–renowned God of War, Sergeant Spanner, suppress the Horst family? Who could request Sergeant Spanner to intervene?

“So? Do you still think that the Horst family will stand up for you?” Dustin’s indifferent voice sounded.

“W–was it you?! Was this…all your doing? W–who are you? Why would even Sergeant Spanner stand up for you?!” Gabriel trembled all over, raised his head, and looked at Dustin in horror.

He couldn’t believe it. How could such a deity–like person be hiding in a small place like Swinton?

“You don’t deserve to know who I am. Now, I’ll give you a chance to take your own life, so that you can still save your family. As he spoke, Dustin kicked the broken sword on the ground toward Gabriel.

“Take…my own life?” Looking at his broken sword, Gabriel was stunned; his face was ashen, and his eyes were filled with despair.

Then, in front of a group of people with shocked, astonished, and unbelieving eyes, Gabriel picked up the sword and directly severed his own neck.

In an instant, his head rolled off and blood spattered on the ground.

Chapter 189


Looking at the head rolling on the ground prompted a brief silence from those in the martial arts gym, followed by the commotion and screams.

No one expected that Gabriel would choose to commit suicide so decisively and ferociously.

With one sword, he cut off his own head.

Has he lost his mind!?

“What did you do to Sir Gabriel?! Nigel was sweating with fear.

“You want to find out? Go ask him yourself.” Ignoring the shocked expressions of everyone, Dustin turned around and left the gym.

As soon as he left, a fully armed team immediately rushed in and sealed off the scene. Everyone involved was arrested.

He didn’t care to worry about what happened next.

With Sergeant Spanner’s power, there would naturally be no loopholes in handling this small matter..

On the other side, at Fallridge Haven.

“What? Dustin didn’t die?! How could this happen? Gabriel is in the top ten on the Hundred Immortals, and he brought so many elite members of the Horst family to help him out. It should have been easy to deal with that kid.” When the news came out, Caden couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly.

“We still don’t know the details. There was no news from the dojo. We only heard that Dustin returned unharmed,” the guard whispered.

“That’s odd. Where is Gabriel? Call him and ask,” Caden said thoughtfully.

“Sir Gabriel disappeared. The phone won’t get through, and the dojo has been sealed off by the military,” the guard replied.

“Sealed off by the military? What happened?”

“We’re not sure yet.”

“Send someone to investigate and find out what happened,” Caden ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The guard agreed and quickly left.

However, at that moment, a strong windy blade sound could suddenly be heard from outside. A military helicopter descended from the sky and landed steadily on the square.

As the cabin door opened, an old man with white hair and a burly figure, followed by several subordinates, walked out confidently.

The old man had a square face, a goatee, and a dignified look, emitting a strong and powerful aura. That was the aura of a seasoned warrior, formed after many years on the battlefield!

Ordinary people would shiver at the sight of him and wouldn’t dare to get close.

The old man was none other than Christopher Murray, the founding father of Dragonmarsh!

“Father? What brings you here?” When Christopher walked into the council chamber, Caden, who was drinking tea, was startled. The tea spilled all over the floor, and the teacup shattered on the ground.

But he didn’t have time to care about that and got up to greet him respectfully, like a mouse meeting a cat.

Although Christopher had not been involved in the family’s affairs for ten years, his accumulated influence over the years still made people tremble with fear.

Even Caden, as the heir, didn’t dare to behave out of line.

“Kneel down,” Christopher uttered two words softly.

“What?” Caden was stunned for a moment, then obediently knelt down on the ground.

In the Murray family, Christopher was like a god, and no one dared to defy him.

“Do you know the reason why I made you kneel?” Christopher sat down on the chair, his presence was imposing.

“I don’t know.” Caden lowered his head.

“Hmph! You’ve damaged the reputation of our family. You did things you shouldn’t have done and offended people you shouldn’t have offended. The Murray family’s reputation was almost ruined by you!” Christopher spoke with a cold expression.

“Huh? Father, I don’t quite understand.” Caden was stunned.

“You don’t even know you’ve made a big mistake. The Murray will be destroyed by you sooner or later if you don’t step down from the position of head of the family. If you’re not capable of handling it, then step down now!” Christopher was livid.

“Step down?” Caden was stunned.

He thought his father was just going to scold him a few times, but he didn’t expect him to directly strip him of his power!

Over the years, he had worked hard for the Murray family, focusing on his work and getting things done.

Although he didn’t have much merit, he at least kept the entire family in order. Now, he was suddenly asked to step down without knowing the reason behind it. He was very dissatisfied.

“Father, I don’t understand. What did I do wrong?” Caden was unwilling.

“You are ignorant and shortsighted. You don’t recognize a true dragon when you see one. Retire and reflect on it before you cause any bigger trouble. After you’ve figured it out, then we’ll talk.” Christopher left no room for argument.

Caden opened his mouth to explain but was interrupted by Christopher. “Save some dignity for yourself, and don’t disappoint me further!”

Upon hearing this, Caden fell silent, feeling confused as he knelt on the ground.

“Leave and call Sheila.” Christopher waved his hand.

“Yes…” Caden didn’t dare to disobey, so he bowed deeply before turning and leaving. His face was filled with gloominess.

“Grandpa! You really came?” After a while. Sheila ran into the living room with a surprised look on her face.

She threw herself into Christopher’s arms and tearfully pleaded, “Grandpa! You came just in time. Please, save Dustin! He’s about to die!”

“Okay, alright. Silly girl Dustin is fine now.” Christopher showed a rare smile.

Back then, Caden was able to take the position of head of the family because he gave Christopher this precious granddaughter.

“Really? Dustin is really okay?” Sheila wiped away her tears quickly.

“Of course. When has Grandpa ever lied to you?” Christopher patted her head.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Excited, Sheila planted a kiss on her grandfather’s face.

This made the old man burst into laughter, and he couldn’t stop grinning.

“Little girl are you so nervous about Dustin because you have a crush on him?” Christopher suddenly asked.


Sheila was stunned at first, then her face turned red in an instant. “Grandpa! What are you talking about? I

don’t have a crush on him!”

“Hehe…if you like someone, then you like them. What’s there to be afraid of admitting? Young people should be bold.” Christopher laughed.

“Grandpa, Dustin saved me before. I’m just grateful to him,” Sheila lowered her head, stuttered, and her neck turned red.

“Just grateful? Then why were you crying for him? Little girl, if you really like him, take the initiative to pursue him, and don’t miss any opportunity. That kid is not an ordinary person. If you can win him over, it will be great news for me too.” Christopher rubbed his beard and laughed.

After all, Dustin was the kirin!

“If he can become my grandson–in–law, those old guys will be jealous and crazy, won’t they? Hahaha— He thought.

Chapter 190

When Dustin returned to Peaceful Medical Center, everything that had been smashed and damaged had been cleaned up.

The whole clinic was like new again.

Dahlia was sleeping on the table, leaning on it with a slightly haggard look on her beautiful face and eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Looking at her. Dustin felt a complicated mix of emotions and couldn’t help but feel grateful. After all, she had saved Gregory’s life.

He took off his coat and draped it over Dahlia.


Dahlia trembled all over and instantly woke up. “You’re back? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, thank you for today,” Dustin said politely.

“Don’t mention it; it’s only right for me to take care of Mr. Jones when he’s injured,” Dahlia said, pursing her lips.

“Have you eaten? Are you hungry?”

“A little.”

“You want your usual, spaghetti bolognese?”

“Mmm, thank you.”

“Wait a moment.” Without much ado, Dustin walked into the kitchen and began to skillfully cook the dish.

In the three years of their marriage, whenever Dahlia came back late and hungry, he would prepare a midnight snack for her. Especially spaghetti bolognese; she never got tired of it.

But at some point, the distance between them grew farther and farther, and their relationship became more and more estranged. Eventually, they ended up divorcing.

“Here’s your spaghetti.” About 15 minutes later, Dustin brought up a steaming plate of spaghetti bolognese.

“Mmm, it smells so good.” Dahlia sniffed, immediately digging in.

In no time, she had finished the bowl of pasta, even drinking up all the sauce.

“The taste is amazing. It seems like your cooking skills have improved.” Dahlia gave a rare smile.

“Maybe it’s just that you haven’t eaten it in a long time,” Dustin said suddenly.

“Is that so? Maybe.” Dahlia’s gaze became a little dim.

Unknowingly, three years had passed.

Over time, many things that had once been routine had become second nature to Dahlia. She had grown accustomed to having someone bring her warm clothes when the weather turned cold, to having someone cook for her whenever she felt hungry, and to having someone by her side when she was ill.

But when those routines changed, she found herself at a loss.

“Dustin, will we…be able to return to what we were before?” After a moment of silence, Dahlia suddenly asked.

Dustin, who was about to wash the dishes, froze for a moment and was speechless for a while.

Could they go back to the past?

Maybe a while back, they could have. At one point, he even wished that she would say so.

But now…

“Ring ring ring!” At that moment, a phone started ringing.

Dustin put down his fork and answered, greeted by a gentle and crisp voice.

“Hey honey, where are you? Do you want to come out for a late–night snack together? This is a great opportunity for you to get me drunk.”

“Uh…I can’t go tonight. Gregory’s not feeling well, I have to stay home and take care of him,” Dustin replied awkwardly.

“Gregory is sick? Then I’ll come over right away!” Natasha said anxiously.

“No need, it’s just a minor illness, nothing serious,” Dustin quickly responded.

“Gregory is getting old. We shouldn’t be careless about it. How about this, I’ll send someone over tomorrow to help take care of him.”

“That’s too much trouble. I can take care of him myself.”

“You’re a big man, clumsy, and prone to making mistakes; you’ll inevitably overlook something. I’ll send an experienced caretaker over to take care of Gregory’s daily needs, and that’s settled!” Natasha declared, leaving no room for argument.

“Alright then.” After thinking about it, Dustin finally agreed.

Having someone around to accompany Gregory would make it safer to avoid any further accidents.

“Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing. Immortunol has already made a name for itself, but if we want to sell it everywhere, we’ll need to find a few agents. Tomorrow, I’ll be holding an open recruitment at Mirage. You, as the major shareholder, can’t be absent,” Natasha said.

“Okay, I’ll definitely be there tomorrow.” After hanging up the phone, Dustin met a pair of resentful eyes.

“That was Natasha who just called, right? Talking on the phone so late at night, it seems like your relationship with her is not ordinary.” Dahlia said in a sour tone.

“We’re just-”

“Enough! You don’t need to explain anything to me. I’m not interested in listening. Take care of Gregory well, I’ll go back to rest,” Dahlia said, getting up and leaving before Dustin could even respond.

Dustin shook his head; he was rendered speechless by Dahlia’s behavior.

What was that all about?

The following morning, the council hall at Mirage was packed with people who had gathered for the distributorship of Immortunol. Ever since the press conference held by the Harmon family, news of the popular medicine had spread across Swinton, and many wealthy people were looking to get a piece of the action.

As Matt and Julie walked in, Matt turned to Julie and asked, “Can that Harvey guy really help me get a distributorship?”

“Of course! Harvey is a key member of Harmon Pharmaceuticals, and he has influential people supporting him. If he’s willing to help, it’s a guarantee!” Julie replied confidently.

“Fantastic! I’ll make sure to show my appreciation generously after the deal is done,” Matt replied, feeling energized.

The Laney family was struggling, and they desperately needed a way to revive their fortunes. Immortunol was that chance. Therefore, this was an opportunity that could not be missed!

“Matt, you’re too kind. A small favor like this is nothing.” Julie smiled.

As Julie was speaking, she suddenly frowned. “What is that piece of trash, Dustin, doing here?”

Matt followed her gaze and saw Dustin’s face, feeling a sense of irritation as he remembered their encounter a few days ago.

Since they had bumped into Dustin today, they needed to humiliate him somehow.

“Let’s have some fun with him.” Matt said coldly to Julie, then walked towards Dustin.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Rhys! Are you also trying to be a distributor for Harmon?”

“Rhys? He’s nothing but a piece of trash! Why would the Harmon family work with someone like him without any qualifications?” Julie added sarcastically.

“I don’t have the qualifications? Do you have the qualifications to work with the Harmon family then?” Dustin sneered.

“Why wouldn’t we? The manager here, Harvey, is like a brother to me. As long as I say the word, it will be easy to get the distributorship!” Julie replied arrogantly.

Dustin shook his head and replied, “Really? I don’t think that would be the case. I believe the Harmon family won’t give you the distributorship.”

“What? You say they won’t give it to us, and they won’t? Who do you think you are?!” Julie sneered.

Dustin smiled faintly and said, “Me? I’m the chief physician of the Rhys family, and I’m also the major shareholder of Immortunol,”

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